Nov. 1 Canadian numismatic auction

On Friday, Nov. 1, Nuphilex will be hosting the second part of a two-session numismatic auction in Montreal. At the first session, which took place in Toronto on Oct. 26, nearly 600 rare coins and paper money that date back to the 19th century were auctioned off. Now, more than 200 additional lots will be up for sale live in Montreal and online at

Masterpieces of Canadian minting
The Canadian mint has long made a name for itself by printing some of the most beautiful coins and paper money in the world, and some of the finest examples of that work will be available on Nov. 1.

Many of the lots are masterpieces of 19th century minting. Among the most eye-catching samples are a simple yet elegant $2 coin that was produced in Newfoundland in 1885 (lot #666), a slightly more ornate 5-cent piece from 1858 (lot #673) and a 50-cent coin from 1899 that features Queen Victoria in profile (lot #761).

There's a reason Canadian money is so important to the world of coin collecting and world coins, and you will get to see why once you gaze upon these aesthetically appealing works by logging onto iCollector to peruse the inventory.

Paper money
Of course, coins aren't the only reason Canadian minting has set itself apart of the years. The paper money it produces is also one of a kind, using colors and designs that would make many artists choke with envy.

A $20 note issued by The Bank of Canada in 1935 (lot #644) mixes muted pinks, greens and blacks, along with the incredibly detailed portrait of a young girl, to create a wholesome picture of Canadian life.

A DC-8f-i Dominion of Canada $1 bill (lot #638) is yet another representation of Canadian printing craftwork, as it uses an elaborate design and the face of Queen Victoria to create inherent value that goes well beyond its rarity.

Odds and ends
This particular paper money and rare coin auction isn't just about money that was once in circulation throughout the 10 provinces, there are also some items of interest that fall outside of that purview. A wooden blacksmith token (lot #633), for instance, is a piece you wouldn't normally expect to see, and several Breton colonial tokens will also be up for grabs.

iCollector is the best place on the web to find the greatest numismatic delights around. So log on now to start surveying the coins and paper money before the Nov. 1 auction kicks off.

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