Treasures galore available at auction on Oct. 30

It's time to take your collection of world coins to the next level with the Treasure, World and U.S. Coin Auction at Sedwick Coins, in Winter Park, Fla., on Oct. 30. Featuring some of the most exquisite coins and treasures from across the Americas and beyond, the rare coin auction, which will take place simultaneously online at, is sure to offer items you won't find anywhere else.

Brazilian coins
Some of the most remarkable lots that will be available hail from Brazil. Many of them date back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, making them markers of that country's history. Looking at them, you can almost envision the development of this enormous land from a colonial settlement into a major modern power.

The earliest examples were actually minted in Lisbon, back when Brazil was one of that nation's many far-flung colonies. A 4,000 Reis coin from 1749, which was struck in Lisbon during the reign of Joao V (lot #99), is just one of the many stunning pieces that will meet your coin collecting ambitions. And the 3,200 Reis coin, minted in the Brazilian state of Bahia in 1750 (lot #100), may be the prize of the auction – it's one of only three known examples from the nearly 25-year period during which these coins were produced, and it is the only one to be graded.

Mexican coins
America's neighbor to the south will also be well represented, with dozens of Mexico's most precious coins going up for bid. You won't want to miss your chance to add any of the Cob Escudos, versions 1 through 8, that are part of the inventory. All of them boast a rich golden hue that will make you feel like you were waiting at the Mexico City docks when the 1715 fleet bearing the Cob 8's from Spain sailed into the harbor.

Colombian coins
Colombia, the northernmost country in South America, also saw its share of Cob Escudos pass through during the years of Spanish rule. And several examples of them will also be featured at the coin auction.

Several Colombian Escudos, minted in Bogota in the 17th century, are among the oldest coins for sale the day before Halloween. History lovers and numismatists alike will have their dockets full as they sort through the numerous lots that were produced during the reign of Philip IV of Spain.

As the upcoming event proves yet again, iCollector is your place for premium treasure and numismatic auctions. And you'll definitely want to peruse the the inventory to discover the hundreds of other treasures available.

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