Treasure, World, US Coin & Paper Money – Auction 30 from Sedwick – Nov 4th to 8th

Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC are building towards their next huge multi-day auction!  This auction presents over 2000 lots from one of the premier auctioneers in the world!  Register and place absentee bids now and be part of the action on auction week.

Here is the full auction schedule and breakdown:



Gold Cobs (by country) 1-66

Shipwreck Ingots 67-79

Shipwreck Coins (chronologically by wreck) 80-411


Silver Cobs of Mexico City, Mexico 412-447

Silver Cobs of Lima, Peru 448-504

Silver Cob of La Plata, Bolivia 505

Silver Cobs of Potosí, Bolivia 506-809



World Coins (by country) 810-1336


Medals and Decorations 1337-1403

U.S. Coins and Paper Money 1404-1455

World Paper Money (by country) 1456-1506


Ancient Coins 1507-1526

Coin Jewelry 1527-1574

Shipwreck Artifacts 1575-1595

Non-Wreck Artifacts 1596-1613

Documents 1614-1617



Express Session (selected items from all sections) 1618-2023

Here are some great examples of what you can find at the auction:

Lot 67 – Gold bar #17, 878 grams, 15.75 karat, Class 2

marked with tax stamps, karat markings and assayer or foundry cartouche IVAN / P3, ex-Atocha (1622). 8-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ x 1/2″. Large Atocha gold bars are highly sought, especially with lots of markings, and this one is about as complete as you can get, with just one small piece cut from one end in its time (very typical, probably to settle an account or pay a tax). The top surface, which is typically uneven and bears a small, raised knob in the center to which some thick, brown encrustation still clings, shows no fewer than seven partial circular tax stamps, four bold fineness markings consisting of a boxed XV and three dots in a separate box, plus one full cartouche with weak but certain IVAN / P3 that could possibly stand for an assayer named “Juan Perez” (as some paleography studies have shown that what looks like P3 or P with a backwards Z can be shorthand for the name “Perez”), one of the scarcer cartouches seen on such bars. Light yellow color all over with nicely contrasting red color in the markings. Also we note the early style of Treasure Salvors marking (circular) on the bottom (and an early artifact number). A nearly 1-kg bar with a reasonable starting price due to its uncommon sub-16K fineness. From the Atocha (1622), with original Fisher photo-certificate 85A-GB017.

Lot 741 – Potosi, Bolivia, cob 4 reales Heart, 1696 VR, extremely rare, NGC VF 35

finest and only example in NGC census. S-P40; KM-unl; Cal-506. 13.70 grams. By all accounts the rarest and most beautiful cobs of Potosi are the specially mint-crafted Hearts, believed to pertain to the Catholic Church in general and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ specifically. The rarest denomination is the 1/2 real (only four or five dates known), but not far behind is the 4 reales, which are comparatively impressive in size and known in just fourteen dates, of which this coin is the earliest and unique. Like a Royal (galano), its details are complete and evenly struck on a full-weight flan, holed at the top for wearing as a pendant, but the shape is a classic heart with prominent tail at bottom and large stem at top, aligned so the cross is straight up and down (pillars side slightly rotated), with lovely toning all over and damage-free except for the hole (which is why it is straight-graded by NGC), a premium example with multiple areas of attraction as a first-date, single-known, finest-known, presentation-strike trophy. NGC #6268663-014. Pedigreed to the Ponterio auction of March 1992 (lot 802, featured on color photo plate) and to the Swiss Bank Corp. auction of September 1997 (lot 1996).

Lot 1276 – Segovia, Spain, gold 4 excelentes, Ferdinand-Isabel, mintmark at top

denomination o-iiii at bottom between busts, Gothic A behind Queen, earliest type with all Gothic legends, rare, NGC AU 50, ex-Huntington. Cal-770; Cayon-2954; Fr-125. Broad flan with 100% full details, no doubling, no problems, the surfaces clean and natural with a hint of light toning, really very attractive in every regard: visually, historically and for its important pedigree to the Archer M. Huntington Collection of Coins from the Hispanic World, one of the finest and most ambitious collections ever assembled, within which this piece was part of a spectacular denomination set that included the massive and excessively rare 50 excelentes. The present 4 excelentes is a choice example of a very rare denomination, with exceptional eye appeal, especially in the well-detailed portraits of the king and queen facing each other. The design of these “excelente” coins was continued after the death of Queen Isabel, in fact well into the joint reign of her daughter, Joanna, and grandson, Charles, but examples with fully Gothic legends like this one can be considered lifetime issues, and as such they are an indelible memento of the legacy of the “Catholic” rulers, so called for their crusade to enforce their religion, starting in the same year of Columbus’ first voyage to the New World, 1492. It will be exciting to watch this trophy find its new home in another great collection. NGC #5969929-001. Pedigreed to the Archer M. Huntington Collection (stated on label).

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