Old West and American Indian w/ Luxury Jewelry August 1st Sale

Brought to you by their professional Montana Curating team, North American Auction Company is hosting this Premier August 1st Online Collector Sale. The sale will be held online with LIVE simulcast online bidding on August 1st at 9am Mountain Time. The sale is scheduled to start one hour earlier at 9am and will have nearly 750 items. This will be the most items they have offered in a one-day sale. Shipping will be available for all items at the buyer’s expense.  Register and get in absentee bids as soon as possible to beat the last-minute rush!

Bidders can view the catalog online.  Some special feature pieces are:

Lot 4 – Osage Split Buffalo Horn Beaded Warrior Bonnet

The lot features an excellent split Buffalo horn War Bonnet attributed to the Osage Native American Indians from the ex-collection of Mario Luraschi. The piece was purchased directly from Mario Luraschi in Paris, France from the current owner after the 2015 Bonhams Sale. The piece shows a Great American Bison Buffalo split horn with Buffalo Indian tanned hide construction having an outstanding Buffalo hide and red stroud trade clother covered whimsical beaded front brow band further accented by black plume feathers and red natural dyed horse hair. On the top of the headdress war bonnet is another plume of green / blue to grey black feathers which flow into sinew stitched old blue stroud trade clothe trailing runner having old metal studs sewn under the horsehair and intertwined woven old red stroud trade clothe holding various wound glass pony trade beads and Buffalo dew claws. At the center of the runner shows another drop of feather plumes with medicine pouch like fabric embroidery pieces and below that a bird head with iridescent feathers, wound glass blue white heart old beads and further feather plumage. The back of the split horns show a red ocher mineral pigment coloring which extends to the red ocher dyed hide and the horns have a saw tooth ridge cut bottom. At the tips of the horns show sinew tied light tan natural colored horsehair held into place further with hide glue. The beadwork on the front shows all early old glass trade seed cen and pony beads in a nice whimsical pattern showing colors of chalk white, greasy blue, greasy yellow and corn yellow, greasy green and medium green. Mario Luraschi claimed the piece to date from the 19th Century (1800’s) as being a true authentic Indian Wars era War Bonnet and sold it to the current private American Indian Paris, France collector as such. After further closeup identification the piece shows the use of early 1800’s material and high craftsmanship with the exact age being unknown. Also shows two silver thimbles with old silk ribbons tied on. Provenance: From the Mario Luraschi collection, the same collection offered in the 2015 Bonhams Important American Indian Art from the Collection of Mario Luraschi with such amazing pieces as the $106,250 Ute Beaded War Shirt. Later sold to the current private collector in Paris, France by Mario. Measures overall 41 inches long from the top of the horn to the bottom of the runner when worn, about 17 inches wide from the outside of each horn tip.

Lot 42 – Navajo Two Grey Hills Rug by Katherine Nathaniel

The lot features this astounding Navajo Weaving with Two Grey Hills pattern by master weaver Katherine Nathaniel from the 20th Century. This example has a very high knot count with fine tight weave showing handspun yarn with aniline dyes, the piece has a finer and lighter feel. Katherine and Larry Nathaniel are considered by many to be one of the finest master weavers as noted by the Indiana University, Garland’s Trading Post, Muskogee Phoenix, Toh-Atin and Heritage Auctions. This piece is from the Toh-Atin Trading Post gallery, first established in 1957, where it was found to be an authentic example with a price of nearly $4,000 years ago. The piece comes with an original polaroid photograph of Katherine Nathaniel holding the rug and other picture of the rug along with the Toh-Atin trading post tag all wonderful pieces of provenance attributing to this piece’s authentic rare origins. The rug is in pristine museum quality condition. Measures overall 38” by 25”.

Lot 112 – Factory Engraved Merwin & Hulbert Army SA Revolver

The lot features an outstanding Factory Engraved Merwin & Hulbert First Model Frontier Army Single Action Revolver chambered in .44 M&H caliber. The factory engraving shows the Mexican Eagle with snake in its mouth and beautifully further engraved with full coverage with a foliate and floral pattern. The .44 M&H caliber will also chamber the .44-40, .44 Russian, .44 Remington & .44 American calibers. This large frame revolver shows a square butt and was known as the “Frontier Army” model. The revolver is roll stamped “Merwin, Hulbert & Co. New York U.S.A. Pat. Jan. 24. Apr.21. Dec.15.74. Aug. 3. 75. July 11. 76. Apr. 17. 77. Pat’s May 6. 77.” on the top of the 5” barrel and “The Hopkins & Allen Manufacturing Co. Norwich, Conn. U.S.A.” on the left of the barrel. The first model is a single-action, and identified by its ‘open top’ design, flutes on the cylinder, and a barrel wedge to engage the enclosed cylinder pin. This revolver has a factory original patina’d nickel finish and factory original “Mexican Presentation” engraving. The revolver also is fixed with a set of beautifully patina’d ivory grips. Merwin & Hulbert revolvers were very popular on the American frontier due to their simplicity and ease & speed of loading & unloading. A simple push of a button and twist of the bbl allowed the entire bbl unit & cyl to slide forward which automatically ejected empty cartridge cases. The unit was then closed and reloaded by means of the sliding loading gate on right side of the frame. The action is not properly functioning. Serial Number: 10837. This firearm qualifies as an Antique and does not require FFL Transfer or NICS Background Check.

North American Auction hopes that you enjoy their catalog! The team has taken many careful hours procuring, researching, professionally photographing, and preparing these amazing pieces for you to enjoy.

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