4 Reasons Collecting Might Be For You

If you ask any two individuals what motivated them to begin curating their passions into tangible collections, the odds are strong that you won't hear the same answer twice. The fact of the matter is that there are simply an endless supply of reasons that people become collectors, and all different types are attracted to the hobby by different aspects of it. While some people are drawn to collecting by the potential for investment, others take on the hobby as an exciting new addition to their social life. If you're considering starting a collection of your favorite items, but aren't yet sure if it is right for you, consider these potential benefits:

A group of similar or related objects is separate from a true collection in at least one distinct way: organization. If you've been purchasing, finding or seeking out a series of related items for years, but only doing so when the time is convenient for you, then you may want to consider starting a formal collection. If you decide to make the leap into true collecting, you'll finally have the impetus to organize your belongings, which in turn will allow you to take better care of them as a whole. The organization entailed in true collecting will preserve the resale value of each of our individual objects, as well as give you a proper manner to display them.

In the same way that a collection may serve as a catalyst for ones social scene, one can also provide a form of entertainment for both it's owner and any house guests. For example, starting a collection of books not only allows for a conversation piece when hosting, but also provides a fantastic source of leisure activity for anyone in your home. The same can be said for any collection that offers an interactive activity, whether it be suited to only one individual or multiple people. Board games, books, puzzles, and art make for collections that are both rewarding and entertaining.

In addition to being entertaining and offering organization of your belongings, starting a collection can also provide unique investment opportunities for the future. People tend to think of big-ticket items such as classic cars or unique art when they consider collections with investment potential. The truth is, though, that the vast majority of collectibles that may appreciate over time are relatively affordable and within the price range of the average collector. Starting a collection of comic books, posters, movies or athletic memorabilia carries it's own capacity for appreciation over time. For example, Detective Comics #27 from May 1939, featuring the introduction of Batman, sold at 10 cents when printed, and is now worth nearly $400,000.

The social scene
Starting a collection can offer a fantastic addition to anyone's social life. Whether you end up seeking out people with similar interests at local collector events or making some new friends at collectible auctions, collecting can add a new dimension to any social calendar.

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