June 25th and 26th Firearms, Ammo, Archery, Knife & Outdoors Auction

SFRC Auctions are running a Timed Auction taking bids until the days of Friday June 25th, 2021 and Saturday June 26th, 2021.   Both sessions hammer down at 3PM Eastern Time.  The first session presents over 950 lots and will include ammunition, accessories, knives, optic hunting supplies and misc items. The second session showcases over 1100 lots and will include more of these items as well as firearms!

Here is a selection of highlights from the auction!

Lot 98 – CRKT Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, 5.5″ Blade, New

Lot 159 – Tactical Tailor Chest Rig with Additional Pouches

Lot 325 – Steiner H4XI 3 – 12 x 56mm Scope, New

Lot 788 – SpyPoint Force-Dark Trail Camera, New

Lot 798 – Leupold VH 3i 1.5 – 5 X 20 mm Scope with Duplex Reticle, New

Lot 1060 – Danish M1 Garand, Semi-Auto Service Rifle, 30-06 Sprg

Lot 1078 – Finnish Civil Guard Mosin-Nagant M24 Bolt-Action Service Rifle, Boehler-Stahl Barrel, 7.62X54R

Lot 1083 – 1958 Schmidt-Rubin K31 Bolt Action Carbine Rifle, 7.5X55

Lot 1086 – Norwegian Army Mauser Kar98k Bolt Action Service Rifle, 30-06 Sprg.

Lot 1353 – Canadian Expeditionary Force Contract Colt 1911 Semi Auto Service Pistol, 45 ACP, Restricted

The company hopes that you enjoy their catalog! The team has taken many careful hours procuring, researching, professionally photographing, and preparing these amazing pieces for you to enjoy.  Please contact them at sales@sfrcauctions.com or 613-372-0000 for anything you need from questions on this auction to consignments for future auctions. Happy Bidding!

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