Holabird auction

Relics from America’s past

Holabird Western Americana Collections is auctioning off more than 800 lots of western memorabilia from March 29-30. This auction features an incredibly diverse selection of items ranging from manuscripts and antique advertisements to glass bottles and historic key fobs. Collectors are sure to find something at this auction that will excite them. The live auction is being held in Reno, N.V., but for those who are unable to attend in person, all of the lots are listed on iCollector, where individuals can place their absentee bids on their favorite items.

1846 petition of J.E. Montgomery (Lot #41)
John Elliot Montgomery was only 16 years old when he accompanied Lieut. Joseph W. Revere to the site of Yerba Buena to claim California as part of the United States of America in 1846. The town of Yerba Buena soon became San Francisco after Revere and his party lowered the Bear Flag and raised the American Flag in its stead. The Bear Flag design would go on to become the state flag for California. A handwritten letter from Montgomery to his mother describing the events and how he came to be in possession of the only Bear Flag is considered one of the most valuable lots at this auction. The letter was written a week before Montgomery and his brother went missing on their way to Sacramento. The timing of the letter, combined with the significance of the events it describes, makes this a truly interesting addition to any historical collection.

Civil War Autograph Album (Lot #748)
George H. Blakeslee was an accomplished cartographer during the Civil War. After sustaining a head injury in the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Blakeslee began to campaign for the recognition and compensation of wounded soldiers on both sides. Through his post-war campaigning, he came into contact with many prominent historical figures. The signatures of these famous men and women are compiled into his autograph book, which is available at this auction. The autographs are numerous and include those of President Chester Allen Arthur, George Washington Carver, Jefferson Davis, Frederick Douglas, Ulysses S. Grant, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford B. Haynes, Andrew Johnson, Robert E. Lee, Robert Lincoln, William McKinley, Booker T. Washington and many more. This collection of signatures is likely one of the most valuable and comprehensive in existence.

In addition to these two lots there are rare gold timepieces, antique photographs and American Indian art available. Be sure to check out the full listing at iCollector.com.