A collectibles auction occurring on July 16 will feature signatures of some of our earliest presidents.

July 16 auction to feature rare documents, autographs and manuscripts

A collectibles auction occurring on July 16 will feature an impressive collection of rare documents, manuscripts and autographs from varying points in history. The bidding will be put on by RR Auction, a globally recognized house based in the north end of Boston. Across nearly 35 years in the industry, RR Auction has sold rare pieces of memorabilia including a pair of Bonnie & Clyde's guns, a convertible belonging to President Kennedy and the original manuscript of Truman Capote's "Breakfast at Tiffany's." This auction will include, among other fantastic items, the signatures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams. Whether or not you're in Boston, make sure to log on to www.iCollector.com to bid on your favorite items!

George Washington signature (lot #1)
An item that requires nearly no introduction, the signature of our nation's first president would make a welcome addition to the collection of any true history or politics buff. This lot includes a signature of Washington's taken from a lease agreement he signed shortly after leaving the oval office in 1797. He leased four plots of land to James Welch, who ultimately ended up being unable to pay Washington for the land. The portion of the document bearing Washington's signature has been framed and matted along with a color portrait. This piece measures 13.25-by-21 inches and is in excellent condition for display in your home or office.

Thomas Jefferson signature (lot #6)
The third president of the United States and one of the original founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson fought bravely in the Revolutionary War and also founded the University of Virginia. This lot contains his signature, displayed on a piece of correspondence he sent to General Robert Hanna. Hanna and  Jefferson had fought together during the war, but had clearly not been in contact for some time, as the letter begins: "A letter from you, dear sir, comes to me like one from the tombs of the dead …" This lot contains the letter, complete with signature, matted and framed next to a portrait of Jefferson. The entire set measures 25-by-20.25 inches and was originally auctioned off by Christies in June 2003.

John Quincy Adams signature (lot #10)
The sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams also held office as both a Senator and a member of the House of Representatives during his illustrious political career. This lot features a letter, dated October 25, 1821, in which Adams writes to Andrew Gregg, secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The letter was composed while Adams served as Secretary of State during the presidency of James Monroe, and features Adams' complete signature, which is well preserved.

Log on to www.iCollector.com to bid on these and other great historical items.