Antique advertising and collectible toys headline upcoming auction

On Nov. 22, James D. Julia, Inc., will be auctioning off antique advertising and collectible toys at its location in Fairfield, Maine. The one-day auction will be held simultaneously on, where interested parties who aren't able to make their way to the Pine Tree State will be able to place bids online to secure some these rare, startling examples of Americana.

Antique advertising
Much of American history can be tracked through the way products and services have been advertised. Thus, antiques like the ones that will be available on Nov. 22 aren't just examples of beauty and craftsmanship that can add a unique design aesthetic to any space, they also provide a window into the country's cultural past.

One of the rarest pieces on exhibit will be a poster for Ayer's Pills, of Lowell, Mass., that features two Native Americans exchanging the titular medication (lot #3333). With impeccable artistry and the slogan "Universally Popular" to recommend it, this extremely rare poster is one that would be an exceptional complement to any collection of antique advertising.

For the tobacco tin collectors out there, the Julia auction will be presenting one of the Holy Grails of that discipline. The extremely scarce Taxi crimp cut tobacco can (lot #3539) could be the one piece someone who appreciates this early 20th century line of products needs to complete their collection.

Toys and other collectibles
Several classic dolls will also be part of this astounding inventory, including a small E.J. Jumeau with blue paperweight eyes and a human hair wig (lot #3016), an early portrait Jumeau Bebe (lot #3005), and a Gaultier child with a pale bisque socket head and blue threaded eyes (lot #3015).

Anyone who really wants to take a trip back into early 20th century Americana will probably be interested in examining the Seeburg KT Nickelodean (lot #3284), which is adorned with an eagle-embossed art glass front. The cabinet-style machine is a true throwback to an age long before digital, downloadable music.

Along those same lines, there is a turn of the century – the 20th century, that is – Adam's Pepsin Tutti Frutti gum dispenser in untouched, original condition (lot #3272). Retaining its original deep red wood finish and the original paper label with instructions on how to load, replace and maintain the machine, this vendor is one that would be just as comfortable in a museum as in somebody's home.

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