Oct. 12 auction to feature rare and beautiful Canadian numismatics

Numismatics are rarely more precious or beautiful than the pieces that come out of America's neighbor to the north. Canadian coins and paper money are consistently among the most artistic and finely detailed in the world.

Anyone who would like to expand their numismatic collection to include Canadian money, or who has already built an impressive stable of the nation's currency and is looking to add to it, should be sure to check out the Signature Select Graded Coins and Paper Money Auction on Oct. 12. Taking place in New Brunswick and online at iCollector.com, this numismatic auction will make hundreds of the finest examples of historic Canadian money available to collectors of all kinds.

Old money
The term "old money" gets thrown around a lot to describe families who have had wealth for many generations. But this time it applies to many of the lots available at the Oct. 12 paper money and coin auction. Coins that trace their provenance back deep into the 19th century will be up for grabs, including a repunched 1-cent piece from 1859 (lot #1).

And that's just one example. One- and 2-dollar notes from the Bank of Brantford, also produced in '59 (1859, that is – lots #325 and 326) can be bid on and, like most old Canadian bills, they are remarkable for the mix and depth of their hues. These two bills are designed with an elegant contrast between traditional greens and blacks and a bright orange background that makes the images of agrarian culture adorning the bill truly pop.

If you want to get really deep into the historical record, though, there is an 1835 4-dollar bill from the agricultural bank in Toronto (lot #327). It's not quite as visually appealing as some of its paper money and coin auction brethren, but what it lacks in beauty it more than makes up for in historical importance.

The thing to do
For some people who get caught up in collecting world coins and paper money, it can be easy at times to lose sight of why they love it so much. But the pieces at this auction will help you remember just what it is that you find so cool about being a collector. There are so many stunning pieces that it will be easy to get lost in the inventory and want to pull a Scrooge McDuck, diving and just swimming around in them.

A 10-cent piece from 1913, with the Canadian broad leaves on the back (lot #154), is exquisite in its simplicity. Another 10-center, this one from 1883 and featuring Queen Victoria in profile, looks like it could have been fished out of a shipwreck from ancient Greece (in terms of its design, not its quality – lot #129).

Those examples just scratch the surface of the magnificent offerings available come Oct. 12. If you would like to get in on all of the auction fun and add some exceptional items to your collection, be sure to check out iCollector.com for the full inventory and to start placing your bids.

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