Oct. 12 auction to offer a smorgasbord of items

On the 12th of the month, the North American Auction Company will be presenting its Premier October Sale. The auction, which will be taking place in Bozeman, Mont., and online at iCollector.com, features inventory that covers a wide range of categories, including firearms, antiques, art sculpture and items of Western Americana. The premier auction has something for almost everyone.

Home decor
With the proliferation of television shows about home decor, it seems that everyone is looking to redesign their interior spaces. Well, if you've been swept up in the trend (or have just gotten to the point where you can no longer stand spending free time in your own home) the upcoming Montana auction will offer a number of items for you to consider using in your redesign project.

For nature lovers, there are several large sculptures of grizzly bears (lots #100-102) and elk (lots # 105 and 106) by local Bozeman artist Jim Dolan. These beautiful pieces would fit well with an indoor rustic decor or as outdoor adornments in a sprawling yard.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for something simpler and more elegant, there will be chandeliers up for grabs, including a Murano glass example (lot #120) that was handmade in Italy and features six separate, intricately designed pendants.

There will also be furnishings, including a richly-colored, cherry wood Ralph Lauren armoire that has (lot #56) a matching set of carved wood pieces, and a large partners desk (lot #52) with finely detailed designs and a sideboard with deep mahogany tones (lot #54). Yet another carved wood piece is the table and chair set (lot #59) that would fit perfectly into almost any dining room.

What would a Montana auction be without a few firearms for sale? Montana is a state that exemplifies the American West, and rifles and handguns are a major part of that culture. Fortunately, the North American Auction Company will have dozens of options for gun enthusiasts to choose from come the 12th.

Rifles and shotguns make up most of the available inventory, with a Remington Model 40-X that comes with a sniper scope (lot #186), a Samko SKS M59/66 A1 assault rifle (lot #151), a Browning 20-gauge shotgun (lot #128) and a Benelli Super Black Eagle 12-gauge shotgun (lot #140) topping the list.

A veritable treasure trove
There are so many different items, and different types of items, that it's like sifting through the ultimate grab bag.

From antique books – e.g., "Vigilante Days and Ways of the Pioneer" (lot #184), an 1890 book about vigilante justice and other aspects that led to the establishment of Montana and other states in the region – to a lithograph of Larry Bird that was produced by Mario Sportelli and signed by the Celtics legend (lot #23), the offerings are so vast they are nearly impossible to classify.

The Oct. 12 auction is a firearms auction, an art auction, a sculpture auction and quite a few other things all rolled into one, which makes Bozeman or iCollector.com the perfect place to fill out whatever collection you may be working on.

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