Eclectic collection of items available for bidding on Oct. 13

To describe the Oct. 13 event at Affiliated Auction and Realty in Tallahassee, Fla., by its title – Fine Arts & Antique auction – wouldn't even begin to capture the astounding array of goods that will be up for bid. Also taking place online at, this, let's call it an "everything auction," will feature items ranging from a Kennedy family baptismal gown (lot #3270) to fossilized dinosaur teeth (lot #3001).

Trying to narrow the list of parties who will likely be enticed by the goods up for bid down to a certain group or groups would be nearly impossible, so we'll just say that if you have an interest in pretty much anything creative, beautiful, historical or even motorized, the Oct. 13 auction is one that you will definitely have to check out.

Where to begin?
Well, there's jewelry. Lots of jewelry. There's a men's stainless steel Ferrari watch designed by Girard Perregaux (lot #3183) and a Rolex GMT Master II with 14-karat yellow gold (lot #3187). For the ladies, there is a 14-karat yellow gold emerald and diamond ring (lot #3145) and an 18-karat yellow gold and diamond bracelet.

But again, this isn't just a jewelry auction. It's also an art auction, featuring several ivory sculptures, including a comb with carvings of hunting scenes on either side (lot #3035), a pair of Chinese-carved African tusks from the 19th century that depict images of an emperor and empress (lot #3032), and a carved meditative Quan Yin head on a rosewood stand (lot #3223).

Sculptures aren't the only works of art, though. There's an oil painting by English colonial-era artist George Morland of a duel scene (lot #3039), as well as another by French painter Felix Ziem, a late-19th and early-20th century artist from the famed Barbizon school. The work captures the entrance to Venice's Grand Canal, with the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore on the island of the same name and a fishing boat in the foreground (lot #3064).

Start your engines
What's that, you say? You're in the market for a Harley Davidson motorcycle? The Affiliated Auction has you covered there, as well, with two different models on the block. There's a 2001 Heritage Softail (lot #3282) and a 2006 1200 Sportster (lot #3281).

But if you're looking for something on wheels that's a bit more conventional, there's also a 1992 GMC Typhoon high-performance SUV that boasts 300 horsepower (lot #3283).

Odds and ends
Two classic violins – a vintage Petrus Guarnerius with bow and case (lot #3232) and a version from the Prokop workshop (lot #3237) – will provide buyers with exquisitely crafted wooden instruments with which to play their favorite classical tunes or use as showpieces.

On the darker side, there is a fingerprint booking form from Folsom Prison in California, dated Oct. 29, 1969, and signed by the man whose prints are immortalized on it, Charles Manson (lot #3259).

Rarely will you come across a more eclectic collection of art, antiques and collectibles, jewelry, fossils and vehicles than the one that will be available on the 13th. So, sign in to and check out the plethora of options.

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