Islamic, Ancient, Indian, and World Coins Taking Bids until July 15th

MKIC are specialists in ancient, medieval, and modern Islamic Numismatics, and they have prepared a great catalog for timed bidding on Over 100 lots of quality buys are coming through the auction block with bidding winding up on July 15th. MKIC produce auctions on a frequent basis and are one of the top dealers of Islamic coins in the Middle East. Their in house stock focuses on Islamic coinage from the early period, frequently coming across ancient and world coins as well. This auction catalog spans a selection of interesting and rare coins for bidders to add to their collections.

Lot 33 is the most valuable piece in the auction catalog. Presented her is an UMAYYAD coin that is choice about uncirculated. The full description: “UMAYYAD: Yazid II (720-724), AV Dinar (4.27g), [Damascus], AH 105. A-134. Choice about uncirculated. Very rare date.

Apparently the last specimen of this date was sold by Baldwin’s in 2015 and realized around $6120 (not including buyer’s premium), and an earlier specimen also sold by Baldwin’s in 2014 realized $6762 (not including buyer’s premium)”. Bidding opens for only $1000 USD and this is estimated in value from $6000 to $8000.

A coin from SELJUQ OF RUM is showing at Lot 68. This is a value piece available with opening bids of only $60. As described in the online catalog: “SELJUQ OF RUM: Kaykhusraw II (1236-1245), AR Dirham (3.01g), Konya, AH 640. Sun and lion type. A-1218. Fully lustrous, uncirculated. Scarce.’

The catalog is accepting bids as a timed auction right up until closing time on July 15th, 2017. Full photos and descriptions of all lots can be found, and MKIC is available through email and telephone to answer all questions about the pieces so bidders can make the right bidding choices.

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