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Chinese, Islamic, Indian, and Ancient Coins Up for Auction January 17th to 20th

Over 3100 Lots are Up for Auction January 17th to 20th, 2019 over 7 sessions from Stephen Album Rare Coins. This auction is geared to kick off an outstanding year for the business. This auction carries a wide selection of Islamic and Indian coins, and coins from important collections of Chinese numismatics. There are also many ancient coins and an array of coins from around the world. All three days feature two live auction sessions, starting at 9AM and 2PM Pacific Time. There is also a final internet only session on the 20th to offer up the final 500 lots and opening at Noon Pacific Time.

The first session features a coin from the Sasanian Kingdom at Lot 76. Opening for bidding at $3250, this is described as follows:

SASANIAN KINGDOM: Shapur I, 242-271, AV dinar (7.31g), G-21var, SNS type IIc/2b, standard obverse bust right // fire-altar, flanked by two attendants, each holding long spear and crowned with mural crown backed by korymbos, not assigned to a specific mint, choice EF, RRR. SNS lists four varieties (of styles A? L? M and P, items 246 and P62-P66) on which the attendants on the reverse have the korymbos over their crown, all in silver, a total of 6 very rare items. This piece is closest in style to SNS-A64 (described as style L?), a silver drachm and the only example of this type. This piece differs from SNS-A64 by the crescent and pellet both on the altar base and the top of the attendants’ spears. Three other examples struck by the same pair of dies have appeared in recent auctions, Roma E-Sale 45, Lot 383 (sold for $3793), Heritage Sale 3054, Lot 30179 (sold for $3800), and Lanz Auction 164, Lot 105 (somewhat weakly struck, $3369).”

The most valuable coin of the sale hits the auction block in the 2PM Pacific Time session on the 18th. This is a coin from Bengal, valued at over $30000. As described in the catalog:

“BENGAL: Hussain Shah, 1493-1519, AV tanka (10.36g), Khazana (the Treasury), AH904, G-B757, royal formula divided between obverse & reverse: al-sultan al-‘adil ‘alâ al-dunya wa’l-din abu’l-muzaffar // hussain sultan bin sayyid ashraf al-hussaini khulida mulkuhu khazana 904, presentation style with full legends within outer circular border, 3 small testmarks, VF, RRR. This is clearly a special presentation issue, almost perfectly centered and with complete borders on both sides. The standard gold tankas of the later sultans of Bengal, including Hussain Shah, were struck on planchets that were not as wide as dies.”

The catalog is organized by categories for easy browsing and bidding. All lots are available in the online catalog with full descriptions and photos. The breakdown is as follows:

Session A | 09:00 PST | Lots 1-380 | Ancient Coins | Islamic Coins: Part 1
Session B | 14:00 PST | Lots 381-910 | Islamic Coins: Part 2

Session C | 09:00 PST | Lots 911-1286 | World Coins (Asia & Middle-East)
Session D | 14:00 PST | Lots 1287-1890 | India | China


Session E | 09:00 PST | Lots 1891-2291 | World Coins (Europe)
Session F | 14:00 PST | Lots 2292-2620 | World Coins (Africa, Americas, Australia & Pacific)

Internet-Only Session | 12:00 PST | Lots 5001 to 5500

Registrations are open now, and full photos and descriptions are available for browsing anytime throughout the auction. Stephen Album is available to answer all questions through email or telephone. Bidders can due all their research before the sale and get the pieces they want for a great price.

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