Hunger Games movie memorabilia for sale

Fans of the hugely popular Hunger Games books and movies have much more to look forward to this fall than the release of the second film in the series. On Nov. 16, Blacksparrow Auctions, in Sun Valley, Calif., will be offering up Hunger Games movie memorabilia for sale, and it will be your best chance to take home some of the most exciting props from the first film.

Taking place concurrently on for those who can't make the trek to Sun Valley, the movie prop auction will make more than 200 items from the set of the first Hunger Games available to collectors and fans alike. And with the second part of the trilogy – "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" – set to be released less than a week later, the Nov. 16 auction is a great opportunity to cash in on the craze.

Katniss' clothes
Katniss Everdeen is the bow-and-arrow toting 16-year-old heroine of the story. As such, Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays Katniss, was seen decked out in some of the finest garb Hollywood can produce throughout the original film. And many of those items will be part of the upcoming movie memorabilia auction.

The highlight of the day will probably be the stunning red ensemble Everdeen wore during the film's famous "interview scene" (lot #141), in which she first started to gain popularity among the residents of The Capitol, the highly advanced metropolis where much of the story is set.

But that's far from the full inventory of Katniss' wardrobe pieces that will be up for grabs on Nov. 16. The brown leather hunting jacket she wore throughout most of the early part of the movie (lot #18), the chariot costume she was adorned in during the "Avenue of the Tributes" parade (lot #69), and the costume she is seen wearing in the film's titular final showdown, complete with the now famous mockingjay pin (lot #176) will also be drawing a lot of interest from bidders.

Supporting cast wardrobe pieces
If, however, Peeta, Katniss' sidekick and fellow District 12 native, is your favorite character, there will also be plenty of options in the memorabilia auction from which you can choose.

As with Katniss, Peeta's chariot costume (lot #68) is yours for the bidding, as is the red-trimmed black suit he wore to the interview scene. And you won't want to forget to check out the baker's costume he wears before he and Katniss head off to The Capitol.

Effie Trinket, the character who escorts Katniss and Peeta as they navigate their way toward the Hunger Games will also be well-represented at the upcoming Hollywood prop auction. Among those items are her "reaping costume" (lot #9), as well as several other ostentatious ensembles she wore throughout the film.

Whether you're looking to live out your fantasies by purchasing memorabilia from your favorite Hollywood movies or just want to add some antiques and collectibles to your stash, is the best place on the web to make your collecting dreams come true.

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