Cache of antiques and collectibles to go up for auction Nov. 16

The North American Auction Company, located in Bozeman, Mont., will be offering a slew of guns, items of Western Americana, antiques and collectibles at its upcoming auction on Nov. 16. With more than 250 unique lots on the block, this auction, which will run simultaneously online at, is sure to be a dream auction for sportsmen and antique collectors alike.

Firearms auction
Among the inventory will be a number of rare collectible firearms, including nine early Winchester Lever Actions. Included in that catalog is an 1892 model saddle ring carbine 25-20 (lot #114). Designed by famed gunsmith John Browning, this rifle, which is in impressive condition, features excellent blueing and a lovely mahogany-colored finish.

An incredibly rare Tanegashima samurai musket produced sometime between the 16th and 18th centuries (lot #259) is yet another of the many unique firearms that will be up for bid. It's a matchlock rifle that was carried only by samurais, and the artfully hand-worked dragon that runs down the barrel gives it yet another distinctive aspect.

Antiques and collectibles
Two antique mercantile display cabinets – one from the final decade of the 19th century (lot #94) and another from the early 20th (lot #92) – can also be yours for the taking on Nov. 16. If you're looking for a place to store and display your classic firearms or other collectible showpieces, you will be hard-pressed to find more impressive ways to go about doing so. Plus, they double as remarkable antiques in their own right.

If you're a musician, or just a fan of fine instrumental craftsmanship, there will also be plenty to choose from at the North American Auction Company event. An extraordinary 1932 baby grand piano from Wurlitzer & Sons (lot #182), which is in excellent playing condition, would make a fine addition to any home or commercial business lobby. And a hand-crafted violin complete with its bow, the original extra strings, canvas cover and leather top case (lot #45) will also be sure to catch your eye.

Western Americana and animal mounts
Other examples of expert craftwork are also on the docket, including some astonishing feats of taxidermy. An Alaskan moose shoulder mount (lot #131) and a Montana mountain lion full mount (lot #130) would be welcome accoutrement​ in any lodge. And you might want to pair them with a 1939 Mills Castle 5-cent front slot machine (lot #95).

While most of these items might normally be difficult to find, they, and other pieces like them, are always available at

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