A movie memorabilia auction will feature novelties from horror, science fiction and action movies.

Auction to Feature Props From Popular Horror, Sci-Fi and Action Movies

An auction occurring Saturday, July 19 in Granada Hills, California, will feature props and production pieces from many popular horror, science fiction and action movies. The auction will be put on by Propdomain, which specializes in movie memorabilia auctions. The lots up for bidding will be varied in their price points, and cater to a broad range of collectors. Of particular interest are the cane used by the riddler in Batman Forever, a hand drawn concept sketch for the film Alien Vs. Predator and a cast and crew hat and program from the production of Bride of Chucky.

As always, you need not be in California to participate in the auction. Simply log on to www.iCollector.com to bid on your favorite lots!

1) The Riddler's cane from Batman Forever (lot # 17)
This 1995 film features the introduction of Robin, Batman's sidekick, to the movie franchise as Batman faces off against two classic villains, Two Face and The Riddler. The lot features one of the actual canes used by Jim Carrey in his role as The Riddler. The cane shows some signs of wear, having been repaired lightly with tape and glue near its handle. This slight damage, though, actually serves as a degree of authenticity, as it is common knowledge among franchise fans that most of the Riddler canes were broken during the filming of the movie. This lot is estimated to sell for between $2,000 and $3,000.

2) Hand drawn concept sketch from Alien Vs. Predator (lot #10)
The 2004 film Alien vs. Predator tells the tale of a team of scientists who, while conducting an archeological dig on an island in Antarctica, find themselves in the midst of a war between two incredible creatures. Here we have one of the original, hand drawn concept sketches used in the pre-production stages of the movie. The sketch shows the side view of a helmet from one of the Predators. It is labeled with its concept number and pre-production phase, and is signed by the artist.  A must have for any true science fiction buff's collection, the bidding for this item will open at just $1.00.

3) Cast & Crew hat and program from Bride of Chucky (lot # 22)
Bride of Chucky, released in 1998, tells the story of everyone's favorite homicidal doll falling in love. Chucky becomes quite taken with a human being and, realizing they cannot be together in their differing forms, resolves to kill her and move her mind into the body of a doll. This lot features a hat given to the cast and crew during the production of the movie, as well as a program from it's premiere in Germany. A great piece of movie memorabilia from a classic horror franchise, this lot would we a fantastic gift for any horror movie enthusiast.

Remember to log on to www.iCollector.com in order to place your bids on these and other great items.