Michael Jackson lives on at this auction.

Memorabilia from the King of Pop

Michael Jackson, regarded by many as the King of Pop, died tragically in 2009, leaving behind a legacy and estate that is unrivaled. The memorabilia vault is auctioning off some of the most iconic Michael Jackson collectibles and personal effects that are sure to thrill and delight any music lover. The auction goes live June 14th​, and interested bidders can browse all the available lots on iCollector.com.

Sequined tour glove
The single, glittering glove came to become one of the most iconic images associated with Michael Jackson. Fans have a rare opportunity at this auction to own one of the gloves that Jackson wore on his History tour (lot #1). That tour kicked off in 1996 and lasted a full year, blowing through 58 cities in 35 countries across five continents. The glove up for auction is a custom-made right-handed glove with Jackson's name embroidered in gold on the inner lining. Jackson gave the glove as a gift to tour promotion company Donald K Donald Entertainment Group. The piece comes with a letter of authenticity from designer Keith Holman.

Handwritten music video outlines
Michael Jackson was known for exhibiting a lot of creative control over his projects, especially his music videos. Where other artists simply signed on to whatever ideas the music video director might bring to the table, Jackson often had ideas of his own that would be incorporated into the final product. As a result, many of his music videos have become classics for their exciting visuals and interesting stories. This auction gives you the opportunity to see Jackson's thought process firsthand with two lots of handwritten video outlines (lots #2 and 3). Both sets of notes are written on 8.5 -by-14 inch pieces of paper and discuss the visuals and storylines of videos he was working on at the time.

Victory world tour jacket
Also of interest is a jacket worn by Jackson on the Victory world tour (lot #11). The tour took place in 1984, around the same time as the release of Michael's uber-popular Thriller album. It was the only tour that included all six of the Jackson brothers, though most fans came to see Michael. The jacket is a deep burgundy Upstream windbreaker. The inside is embroidered with the tour logo.

Along with these featured items are many gold and platinum records, fedoras, and other handwritten mementos from the life of one of the greatest pop stars to ever live. Browse all the lots on iCollector.com.