Astounding collection of weapons up for grabs on Jan. 25

The beauty and elegance of firearms manufacturing is rarely displayed as magnificently as it will be on Jan. 25 at Carol Watson's Orange Coast Auctions in Irvine, Calif. The upcoming weapon and gun auction will present nearly 800 items of historical import and fine craftsmanship, making for an auction that firearms enthusiasts simply can't miss.

But if a trip to the West Coast isn't in the cards, will be holding a simultaneous online auction where interested parties can both view and bid on these exquisite lots.

Shotguns for sale
The shotgun can be one of the most interesting pallets for a gunsmith to use to show off his or her talents. Over the years, these weapons have become iconic around the world both for their function and their artistic beauty, and some of the most startling examples of the craft will be up for grabs at the Jan. 25 firearms auction.

A double-barreled Boss & Co. model from the 1920s (lot #463) is a particularly alluring example, as is a Browning Louis XIV gold-superposed version known as "The Genius of Vranken" (lot #497). But those are just two of a myriad that will be available the last week of January.

Handgun auction
Handguns have played an important role in America's history as well. And, due to their relatively small size, they have also long been considered an opportunity to show off a skill for intricate design.

A pair of Tombstone Centennial Edition Colt revolvers (lot #354) are perfect examples of how dedication to one's craft can pay off . Gun enthusiasts will also likely find themselves enthralled by a gorgeous Remington Model 1875 single-action revolver with a nickel finish and walnut grip (lot #184). For those with more esoteric interests when it comes to handguns, there will be a Smoothbore Howdah pistol that was produced in London during the Victorian era by George H. Daw (lot #49)

Classic firearms
There will also be several guns and knives on the block in Irvine whose origins stretch back 150 years or more, including an original first model Henry rifle that was produced in 1863 (lot #134), a flintlock musket manufactured in 1816 (lot #71) and a Richmond Type 2 percussion musket from 1862 (lot #100).

With so many classic weapons on the block, there will be something to suit nearly every gun collector. And is the only place on the web where these fantastic items will be available.

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