Horror and sci-fi movie memorabilia for sale on Jan. 11

There will be more than 200 specimens of quality movie memorabilia for sale when the PROPDOMAIN Hollywood prop auction kicks off Jan. 11 in Granada Hills, Calif.

Featuring items from some of the most popular horror and sci-fi films to have come out in the past 25 years – including the "Alien" franchise, the Chucky movies and the 2013 Superman reboot, "Man of Steel" – the upcoming auction promises to provide film buffs with some of the most interesting props Hollywood has to offer. And for anyone who can't make it out to California, be sure to head over to iCollector.com and its accompanying online auction to peruse and bid on the entire inventory.

Horror movie memorabilia auction
Chucky is one of the most recognizable horror movie characters of all time. The psychotic doll has been featured in six films, including his debut in 1988's "Child's Play." At the PROPDOMAIN auction, anyone who has a soft spot for this demonic character will be happy to find that there are several artifacts from the Child's Play series available. The two most notable items are a screen-used Chucky puppet (lot #51) and a screen-used Tiffany puppet (lot #52), both from the 1998 franchise installment, "The Bride of Chucky."

Vampires are among the hottest trends in movies these days, and there is no better example of that than the "Twilight" and "Blade" franchises. On Jan. 11, both groups of movies will be represented, with a vampire corpse from "Twilight: New Moon" (lot #20) and several sets of vampire teeth that were used throughout the "Blade" series.

Sci-fi memorabilia auction
There are few sci-fi movies that can approach the "Alien" movies. The entire series rested on intelligent storylines, gripping characters, heart-pounding action and some actual science (which can be rare in many sci-fi outlets). "Alien: Resurrection," from 1997, was the fourth installment of the franchise, and it featured Sigourney Weaver reprising her role as intergalactic heroine Ellen Ripley.

Several items from that film will be on the block in Granada Hills and on iCollector.com, including a warrior alien maquette monster (lot #115), a couple of screen-used retractable blade props (lots #113 and 114) and human and alien skulls that were used in the production (lots #116 and 117).

All this and more can be had by lucky and ambitious bidders who either make their way to PROPDOMAIN or log into iCollector.com on Jan. 11. The 200-plus item inventory won't be around for long.

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