Andy Warhol, signed Print Diane von Furstenberg, 1986

Zurich auction to feature works of Warhol, Picasso, Dali

An upcoming art auction in Zurich is blending the best of two worlds for collectors. Offering phenomenal pieces of art that have also been signed by their respective artists, the sale will provide the opportunity for collectors to expand their collections while also dramatically increasing their worth and further distinguishing them. With over 100 different works coming up to the auction block on Oct. 16, 2014, it's impossible to say that any one item is the most desirable of the set. Still, three particular lots stand out as fantastic potential additions to any collector's home. Specifically, signed works from Warhol, Picasso and Dali round out the lots at auction to create a truly magnificent variety of artwork. Of course, if you aren't in Switzerland, you can always log on to to bid on all of your favorite works.

Signed print of Andy Warhol's "Diane von Furstenberg" (lot #2)
One of the most famous artists of the last century, Andy Warhol is commonly associated with the avant-garde pop art movement that came to fruition in the 1950s and '60s. His popular works drew heavily from American consumerism and commercialism for influence, displaying items such as Campbell​'s Soup cans or celebrities in odd colors and lights. This lot features a print of Warhol's "Diane Von Furstenberg" taken from a print book of his works published in 1986. The image has been removed from the book and was signed by Warhol himself in black pen, exponentially increasing its value. The piece, which is in excellent condition, measures 9.84 inches by 9.84 inches and would make a lovely addition to any collection.

Signed lithograph of Pablo Picasso's "The Painter and His Model" (lot #30)
Many consider Pablo Picasso to be the most lauded and esteemed artist of all time. Credited with being one of the fathers of cubism, a style of art that focuses strongly on sharp, angled geometric shapes, he is perhaps best known for his work "Guernica," which depicts a village being bombed. This lot contains a lithograph of another of his more famous pieces, entitled "The Painter and His Model." What distinguishes this piece is that it has been signed by Picasso in white pencil. His signature appears in the lower right hand corner of the image, visible above a low-profile frame. The work is in great condition, and is estimated to sell for roughly $2,000.

Signed print of Salvador Dali's "Figure at a Window" (lot #196)
Salvador Dali was born in Spain and would spend much of his life there growing as an artist. He was a contemporary of other greats of the 20th century like Picasso and Magritte, even studying with them in Paris at one point in his career. This lot includes a print of his 1926 work, "Figure at a Window," which depicts a young woman leaning on a windowsill with her back turned to the viewer's perspective. The print has been signed by the artist himself and is estimated to sell for roughly $450 to $900, making it a great piece for the collector on a budget.