Plenty of intriguing displays of Native American and tribal artwork will be up for auction this weekend!

Authentic American Indian art up for sale

Collectors interested in an exclusive opportunity to add some incredible pieces of American Indian art to their repertoires should take note! Helm Auction is hosting a weekend bidding in El Cajon, California, on a wide variety of American Indian and tribal art that is sure to appeal to any Native American or ancient civilization enthusiast. With a list of crafts ranging from basket weavings and jewelry to prehistoric weapons, there are plenty of incredible items up for grabs. For those unable to attend the event, iCollector will be hosting an online bidding of all the artwork available so you will not have to miss out on the action.

Olmec Stone Mask (Lot #48)    
Now is the chance to take advantage of this rare opportunity to purchase an authentic Olmec tribe stone mask. The Olmec people were the first major civilization established in Mexico, thriving from 1500 to 400 B.C. The Olmecs often used masks for ceremonial purposes or to convey emotions, and this genuine artifact is a perfect modern representation of the society's culture.

Native American-Style Weaving (Lot #10)
A perfect relic of American Indian-style sewing, this weaving has a unique diamond pattern design that captures the superb symmetry and alignment commonly illustrated through Native American outlines. With distinct black, gray, white and red color schemes, this wooly fabric can fit perfectly as a wall decoration for any art aficionado or amateur collector.

Brass Carbide Cannon (Lot #5)
This glossy replica of 19th century weaponry is a wonderful memento for anyone looking to add a little piece of history to their collection. Coated in shiny brass, the carbide cannon weighs approximately 16 pounds and rests on two big bronze wheels. This Civil War-era armament serves as a token of the type of wartime technology available more than 200 years ago, and is a must-have keepsake for anyone interested in owning authentic battle gear.

Navajo Sterling Necklace (Lot #2)
Crafting jewelry was a time-honored tradition for many Native American tribes, and this gorgeous Navajo-crafted necklace embodies the time and patience the Indians practiced to perfect their art. The Navajo tribe is famous for their Squash Blossom necklace designs, and this particular ornament will catch the eye of any bidder looking to improve upon their American Indian art collection. 

You can always check the iCollector website for updates on all the art auction action and more!