Weekly Auctions from Auction Network Bring Deals to Bidders Worldwide

When bidders are looking for online deals, they turn right to Auction Network to find almost anything they are looking for at fantastic auction prices. Once or twice a week, with online bidding via iCollector.com, Auction Network broadcasts live and online auctions selling hundreds of items each sale to the highest bidder. Through their online bidding, they have built up a worldwide audience of thousands of bidders that can register and bid for an auction in a simple and easy format.

Auction Network is located in Toronto, Canada and conducts auctions on a regular basis including a full time auction consignment house. They have the latest technology in the auction business including fully interactive live auctions through all online and mobile devices with spirited bidding. With over 35 years of experience in the auction industry, they specialize in art, jewelry, coins and banknotes, antiques, memorabilia, and much more. They can perform estate sales, liquidations, business closures, and fundraisers. Their auctions can always be found on iCollector.com with full catalogs and photos online before auction day.

Consignors need to look no further than the Auction Network. They are specialists in estate and downsizing auctions, and are willing to take collectibles, furnishings, home garden equipment, tools, art, jewelry, memorabilia, glass and china, and more. Anything you can find in the home, can be consigned to be sold to the highest bidder. They will work with consigners to determine estimated values, and look to get top dollar. With their vast network of marketing, the latest bidding technology, and a large mailing list of online bidders; they are sure to get the best price in the market for goods.

There are auctions during the week on evenings, often on Wednesdays and Thursdays, that are coming right from their Toronto location. Saturdays are often a busy day with large auctions with great consignments. Many of the auctions feature collectible coins and currency, quality jewelry, and fine artwork. They also can include one of a kind antiques, collectibles, and memorabilia. On a regular basis, these auction days will have major liquidation auctions that have a complete range of household items included in the auction.

If you collect something, if you need something, then a weekly routine should be browsing the online catalogs from AuctionNetwork and seeing what they have to offer. There is something for everyone; whether in Canada or around the world. They provide prompt service, quality items, safe shipping methods, and stand behind their auction business. All catalogs are uploaded on a weekly basis with photos and descriptions to iCollector.com.

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