The Spectacular Spring Firearms Auction From Little John – May 27th to 29th

Little John’s Auction is ready to launch their next live auction on May 27th to 29th, 2018 as spectacular as they have every Spring. They are presenting an incredible selection of over 1700 lots available for bidding. The sale is featuring the Doug Drummond collection of Remington Double Derringers, Dr. Rudy Johnson’s collection of Remington Pistols, and the best of the Ray Biley collection. Additional features are Herman Goring’s Walther PPK, a Colt 1851 Navy belonging to Porter Rockwell the “Mormon Avenger”, the John O Beckwith Collection of Rusty Relics and Fine Colts, a large selection of Winchesters, and firearms from A to Z. Also presented is a 40-year Badge Collection along with fine jewelry, art, antiques, coins, collectibles, and great oddities. The Little John’s Auction team are one of the premier auctioneers in the country getting hard to find pieces for collectors and delivering fantastic auction prices.

A special feature in the first auction day is an 18FI-1 Walther Engraved handgun at Lot 232. In addition to a great array of photos in the online catalog and opening for bidding at $12,500, this piece has the following description:

“Walther PPK in .32 ACP caliber fully and finely factory engraved with blue finish and stained ivory grips, S/N 261976K. Letter from prominent author and expert James Rankin states the pistol was manufactured in 1941 Lot Title and “The Walther has a Florentine pattern of engraving over the entire pistol and it features Herman Goring’s Reich Marschall insigna.” He further describes the finish as blue and the grips as ivory. By tradition Lot Title this pistol was discovered in Goring’s chalet at Berchtesgaden by a member of the 101st airborne at the end of the war. The pistol retains 99% plus original blue with no evidence of use just slight toning and Lot Title handling. The original to the period of manufacturing ivory grip and mag extension were stained or dyed for additional decorative effect. The grips have age cracked and show a couple of small losses. A Lot Title historically important and deluxe engraved Walther from WWII. A post war presentation case in included. (C&R/No PPT) Est.: $25,000-$50,000”

One of the featured Derringers of the sale is up for grabs on the 2nd day at Lot 762. Opening for bidding at only $1500, the auctioneer describes it as follows:

“Remington Double Derringer in .41 rim fire with early production side address and no extractor, S/N 2016. The left side reads “Remin tons Ilion, N.Y. U.S.A.”. The right side reads “Elliot’s patent Dec 12, 18654”. Lot Title Very few known with this rare address (Est. less than 20). Other example is S/N 2003. Factory style light scroll engraved with original ivory grips. 40%-60% darkened silver finish going to patina ad uncleaned natural Lot Title state. Deep yellow patina on the grips with age crack and good to very good condition. Good markings and no cracks. Good overall. The rarest barrel address variation! The collection of Doug Drummond with a copy of Lot Title his book. (Antique) Est.: $3000-$5000”

A featured Winchester in the final day of the auction is presented at Lot 1539. The series of photos in the online catalog are beautiful, and this opens for a value of only $500. This is an 18EB-5 Winchester M-1 Garand semi automatic. Further information is:

“.30 caliber, 24” Springfield barrel dated 10-50, Winchester frame and trigger group, military finish, wood stock, S/N 1268824; clean overall and great looking! Lot Title (C&R). Est.: $1,000-$2,000.”

All sessions open at 11 AM Pacific time and a full audio and video stream will be provided to online bidders. Little John’s Auction have the expertise to be able to answer all questions on anything from the entire catalog, and are happy to interact with all interested bidders. The auction is faced paced throughout the day so bidders are encouraged to get their maximum bids into the system before auction day.

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