Upcoming JFK auction expected to be the most significant in a decade

There are few figures more central to modern American history than John F. Kennedy, Jr. His presidency, referred to as Camelot, was an emblem of the country at the time, projecting a national image that was both glamorous and powerful. And when he was assassinated on Nov. 11, 1963, it changed America forever.

Now, with an upcoming JFK collectibles auction, the former president's many fans and devotees will have a chance to lay their hands on nearly 300 items related to or owned by him, including the 1963 Lincoln Continental Convertible he rode in on on his way to the motorcade that fateful day in Dallas nearly 50 years ago.

Classic autos to drive the auction
According to The Boston Globe, the Oct. 24 auction, which will take place at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, is the largest JFK-related auction in nearly a decade. Among the most notable lots are two Lincoln Continentals that Kennedy used during his presidency.

The 1963 Continental was the last automobile in which JFK safely rode. On the morning of November 11, the president, his wife Jackie and then-Texas governor John Connally all took a chauffeured ride from a breakfast speech Kennedy had delivered at the Hotel Texas ballroom in Fort Worth to the Carswell Air Force Base in order to hop a short flight to Dallas.

Little did he know when he stepped into the passenger seat of the convertible on that sunny fall morning in 1963, the vehicle would become famous for that ignominious distinction. With a starting price of $50,000, this historically important and visually appealing automobile is sure to catch the eye and capture the imaginations of all who are in attendance.

With a starting bid of $25,000, the other vehicle, a 1960 Lincoln Continental limousine from the White House motor pool, features bulletproofing, original interiors and even a classic two-way phone for when you'll need to tell your chauffeur to change routes.

Other historically notable items
The lot that is expected to draw the highest bids is JFK's personal set of rosary beads, which he gave to his friend and assistant David Powers. Considering his place as America's first and only Catholic president, this religious devotional carries special significance.

Items related to Kennedy's death make up the bulk of the more high-profile pieces. The flag that flew half-mast over the White House in the week after his death will be up for bid, as will the sixth-floor window from the Texas Book Depository, the same one through which Oswald fired his Army-issue rifle.

In fact, Oswald-related inventory is also prominently featured throughout the auction. His wedding band, which he left on his wife's bedside dresser the morning of the 11th​, is available. So is the early-60s model GE video broadcast camera originally owned by KTVT Channel 11 Television news, that was used to record Jack Ruby's assassination of Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Station on Nov. 24, 1963.

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