An art auction in Denver will feature rare lithographs.

Denver Auction to Feature Fine Art and Collectibles

An art auction taking place on July 22 will feature a broad selection of vintage collectibles, paintings and antiques. The wide array of items up for bidding in this auction make it the perfect opportunity to find a gift for any collector in your life who has a taste for jewelry, fine art or paintings. The auction will take place in Denver, Colorado, but all items will be available to bid on via, so make sure to log on and browse the items. You can even bid in advance of the auction to make sure that you don't miss your chance at any of these lots!

Pierre Bonnard signed lithograph "La Passante" (lot #2ba)
This lithograph of Pierre Bonnard's 1894 piece, "La Passante," would make an excellent addition to any art lover's collection. This image was produced during the same period in which Bonnard gained fame for crafting a series of images centered on conveying the majesty and energy of the streets of Paris. Most impressively, this lithograph bears Pierre Bonnard's signature and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Framing for this lithograph is also available at extra cost to the highest bidder.

Aubrey Beardsley one-of-a-kind lithograph (lot #2eb)
This piece may be of particular interest to collectors of rare art due to the controversial reception of its creator. Aubrey Beardsley was a very divisive individual in the artistic community, re-shaping the Art Nouveau period through use of grotesque images, which were often seen as odd takes on eroticism. Many of his drawings, including this one, featured characters with grossly exaggerated genitalia. More often than not, these images were done in black and white against a plain white background. The vast majority of Beardsley's work was produced across a six-year period in the late nineteenth century until his premature death of tuberculosis on March 16, 1898. Beardsley was only 25 years old at the time of his death.

Henri Matisse lithograph circa 1914 (lot #5hm)
This lithograph of the Henri Matisse piece entitled "Fruits Et Fuillages" is an extremely rare piece and would make a distinguished addition to any collection. Matisse began his career in 1889 during a period of convalescence from appendicitis. His mother had brought him art supplies during his recovery, otherwise he may never have started his illustrious career. This lithograph from 1914 is sure to draw the eye of an serious collector.

Remember that you can bid on these and all other items in this auction remotely by logging on to