Upcoming auction features astounding array of art and jewelry

More than 400 pieces of art, sculpture and jewelry representing a wide swath of cultures, styles and mediums are set to go up for auction at the Clarion Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 26.

Anyone who has an appetite for exquisite examples of American Indian art, striking works of Western Americana or finely-crafted decorative jewelry should be sure to head to the mountains of Colorado or check out the inventory at iCollector.com, which will be hosting the auction online.

Gold jewelry
Nearly 200 of the 440 lots in the Colorado Springs auction are made of enduringly popular and precious gold. One of the most interesting of those is a gold Tutankhamen mask pendant (lot #301).

Featuring the image of the most famous Egyptian Pharaoh of all-time, the pendant weighs more than 62 grams, is made up of 18-karat gold, and has 17 diamonds in the crown. Not only is it a beautiful piece, it also carries value as a collector's item due to the nearly century-long fascination with the young ruler who died more than 3,000 years ago, and whose untimely end has been a mystery ever since his tomb was excavated by famed archaeologist Howard Carter in 1923.

Gold is also the most attractive element of several pieces of jewelry that will be available on the 26th. Three gold bracelets (lots #13, 315 and 318) are also not to be missed. All remarkable works of craftsmanship, the bracelets range in weight from 14-18 karats and they would make a stunning addition to any jewelry collection or wardrobe.

And if you're looking to make it a matching set of gold ornamentation, you'll also want to take a close look at the many gold necklaces that would be eye-catching complements to those bracelets. A piece with a simple alignment of gold wire balls and cylinders (lot #227) is an understated yet elegant beauty, and the slightly more ostentatious but still chic necklace (lot #49) with a five-dollar, Liberty head gold coin set in filigree bezel on the chain is a unique piece of jewelry that is worthy of close inspection.

Oil paintings
It might not be the kind of oil that made Jed Clampett and his family affluent denizens of Beverly Hills, but the oil paintings available at auction on the 26th have great value in their own right.

Two of the most sought after of the many oils up for bid will be the works of Geoffrey Lasko, one of the most notable American artists working today (lots #188 and 189). For the past 30 years, Lasko has been building a reputation as a talented and diverse artist, and you will get the opportunity to see why that is when you take a look at his staggering depictions of the American West.

While it may not be within your power to make it to the mountains of Colorado to witness this art and jewelry auction firsthand, iCollector.com will have you feeling like you're in the first row when you log on and start placing your bids.

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