Turmon Auction Service to Broadcast 38th Annual Cowboys & Indians Auction on May 10th and 11th

Turmon is prepared for their exciting annual auction with over 500 lots spread over two days of bidding.  A wide variety of Western collectibles are coming through the auction including bits, spurs, old firearms, native American items, art work, decorator pieces, knives,  reference and collectible books, and much more Western Americana. This is one of the best they have ever presented in company history and bidders are lining up to add to their collections.

Lot 52 features the highlight Winchester rifle from the 1st day of the auction.  Opening at $1500, this is a Winchester 1886 .45-70.  It has an octagon barrel and manufactured in 1904.  Carrying serial number 133436A it is in good condition.

Lot 56 is a standout as well.   Turmon is offering a Nosler custom made .300 win short mag rifle, that is unfired and a great quality 3 1/2 “ Leopold scope.  Action value is estimated from $2500 to $4000 with bidding opening at $1800.

The most valuable Winchester of the auction is found at Lot 289 on the second day.  In excellent condition with a good bore, this is an 1886 yellow boy .44 rifle.  The firearm was manufactured in 1884 with the serial number 164784 and a factory letter.  This could sell at auction for up to $15000 and has an opening bid of $4000.

Friday May 10th, 2010 kicks off live bidding at 4:30PM and Saturday May 11th, 2019 opens for bidding at 9AM in the morning.  Turmon Auction Service is delighted to answer questions about their pieces; they have worked hard to consign and build this collection for sale.  They can be reached via email or telephone and absentee bidding is currently available.  Be part of the live auction on both days and enjoy one of the best traditions in the auction business with Turmon’s Annual Auction.

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