Universal Live set to end the year with an exciting art auction

Art appreciators won't want to miss out on the upcoming Year End Fine Art Auction at Universal Live in Wheeling, Ill. Taking place at 1 p.m. on Dec. 13, with an accompanying online auction taking place at iCollector.com, this sale of substantial works of art is sure to draw the most discerning aesthetic eyes.

Abstract art
Abstract art became one of the most popular art genres the world during the 20th century. It was primarily practiced by American artists, but became a standard mode of expression as the years went on.

Collectors of this style will surely want to take a look at the inventory on Dec. 13, as many fine examples, including three prints from Stan Solomon – "Above and Beyond" (lot #610010), "In the Beginning" (lot #610104) and "Grand Piano Reflections" (lot #610202) – will be on the block. "Baskets + Blankets," by Dolona Roberts (lot #610443), will be another abstract piece that will likely draw some heavy attention from bidders.

Modern pop art
There have been hundreds of artists who have followed in the modern pop art footsteps of Andy Warhol. At the Universal Live auction, many of the best of those who took that path will have their works on display.

A print of "SOHO" by the pop art sensation, MARCO! (lot #610078) will be one of the most colorful and vibrant pieces up for bid. But collectors also won't want to miss "Mom's Garden" (lot #610005) or "Club Soda" (lot #610026), both of which are MARCO! pieces as well.

Art as history
Sometimes, art doesn't just provide aesthetic pleasure, it is also a portal back in time. In the case of some of the items that will be available on Dec. 13, that is especially true.

A collection of 18 framed postcards from the 1939 World's Fair in New York City (lot #610040) is impressive both in terms of artistic quality and its window into what that famous event must have been like. The work of iconic comic artist Mike Royer will also be part of this art auction, as an original product drawing for a Winnie the Pooh jar, signed by the artist himself (lot #610441), will go under the gavel.

But there will be more than 500 items up for bid when Dec. 13 rolls around, so in order to find a full list of the inventory, head over to iCollector.com and start picking out the best lots.

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