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Asian Antiques, Artwork, and Fine Collectibles On Auction Until April 14th

888 Auctions is presenting a timed auction of over 430 lots of Chinese and fine Asian antiques and items of interest, through iCollector.com. This is an absentee bidding catalog and bids required to be in by Thursday April 14th at 2PM Eastern Time. At that time, the auctioneer will take the highest bids on iCollector.com and place them in the live auction happening later in the day. This is another outstanding catalog from 888 Auctions and offers a significant selection of pieces to chose from. The various works are grouped together in the online catalog for easy viewing and bidding.

Lots 1 to 80 show paintings and textiles, and lots 81 to 95 are a collection of snuff bottles. Works from stone are at lots 96 to 128, from BC Jade through lots 129 to 147, nephrite at lots 148 to 171, and from jadeite at lots 172 to 202. Bidders can find ceramics through lots 229 to 377, and various metalware available at lots 395 to 410. A selection of money and stamps are on the auction block at 378 to 394, and some natural history items are available to collectors from lot 411 through 423. The auction catalog wraps up with a selection of wood art and furnishings, along with some miscellaneous items from lots 424 to 445.

Looking at some of the auctions feature items, Lot 137 is a beautiful jade piece. This is made from Canadian BC Grade A green jade and is a Fo Shou Pendant. It features a fingered citron Buddha’s Hand in emerald green tone. The piece is suspending on a brown string and measures 5.5 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width. It weighs 54 grams and there is a selection of beautiful photos available in the online catalog. Bidding is opening at only $350.

One of the highlight creations of the sale is a gorgeous Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Vase Qainlong MK at Lot 338. This is of ovoid body with a slender neck and the shoulder has a molded chilong dragon. The vase is painted with a dragon and phoenix amidst a floral scrollwork. There is a four character Qianlong mark on the base and the dimensions of this beautiful piece are 23cm by 12cm. It weighs in at 517 grams with an opening bid of $3500. This is one of the must have piece of the auction for discerning collectors.

All pieces have an array of beautiful photos and full descriptions available for immediate viewing in the online catalog. Bidders are able to place their maximum bids up until 2PM Eastern Time on Thursday April 14th, 2016. These final bids will then be taken to the auction floor and placed in the live auction on behalf of each internet bidder. Winning bidders will be notified of their treasures shortly after the conclusion of the live auction.

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