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Helm’s Fall Native American Blowout! – Auction Happening on November 12th

Well over 400 pieces hit the auction block on November 12th, 2016 from premier Western and Native Americana auctioneer, Helm Auctions. This auction contains Native American artifacts such as Navajo weavings, Pre-Columbian artifacts, and other pre-historic items. They have also featured an Alaskan Native American grouping of carvings and other fine items, Southwestern pottery, stone items, Pacific Rim artifacts and Native American and Mexican jewelry from the 20th century. All items have opening bids priced to sell and hammer down for excellent prices. The catalog is online for viewing immediately, bids are accepted right up until auction day. The live auction kicks off at 10:15 AM Pacific Time.

Every Helm auction brings a great selection of kachinas to chose from. Lot 1 kicks off the sale with a Classic Old Hopi Kachina, circa the 1900s. This is made of cottonwood and paint and measures 9 x 4 x 3 inches. The Hopi are from Northern-Central Arizona and this is an investment quality item. There is an array of photos available and bidding is opening at only $300 and this is worth several thousand dollars by the auctioneers estimate. For other beautiful kachinas, bidders should go view Lots 7, 30, and 72.

The most valuable piece in the auction is an incredible and large Teotihuacan Serpentine Mask up for bidding at Lot 150. This stunning piece is a true pre-Columbian item, approximately 1600 years old. The auctioneers description notes read ”Made of serpentine stone, this item measures roughly 10 x 10 x 4.5 in inches. Exact measurements (in cm) 25.7 x 26 x 10.9, weight 6,900 grams. Teotihuacan, Mexico City, MX. Includes an authenticity Examination Report by Dr. Frank Preusser as well as an old report by Dr. Hasso von Winning, famous pre-Columbian expert. Reports available via email by request. From an old, California collection. Condition: Very good, chips and nicks on bottom and underside”. This is valued up to $60,000 and is a one of a kind piece up at auction. The photos are breathtaking and available in the online catalog now.

Another incredible museum quality piece is Lot 251. Presented here is a Giant Mission Olla opening for bidding at $6000 and valued as high as $20,000. This piece is circa the 1890’s, made from Juncas, and is 18 x 13 inches. There are ten carefully taken photographs are a must see, that include various angles of the olla and notes. Helm Auctions has put together 31 ollas in the auction ranging from value of a few hundred dollars up to this museum standard presentation.

Helm Auctions show their auctions live from El Cajon, California. The event will begin for live bidding around 10:15PM Pacific Time on Saturday November 12th, 2016. Absentee bidding is available now and bidders can join the live auction from any internet enabled device. Helm Auctions had dedicated exceptional attention to this auction and will be able to answer any and all questions about individual items. The entire catalog is available today with photos and detailed descriptions ready for browsing.

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