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Chinese, Islamic, Indian, and Ancient Coins Up for Auction January 19th to 22nd

Over 2300 Lots are Up for Auction January 19th to 22nd over 6 sessions from Stephen Album Rare Coins. This auction is geared to kick off an outstanding year for the business. This auction carries a wide selection of Islamic and Indian coins, and coins from important collections of Chinese numismatics. There are also many ancient coins and an array of coins from around the world. The 19th and 20th have two sessions each day, starting at 9AM and 2PM Pacific Time. There is one session on the 21st opening at 9AM. The session on January 22nd wraps up the sale and is a TIMED auction that closes at 10AM Pacific Time to the highest bidders.

The most valuable coin in the very first session of the sale is Lot 246. This coin is from the ABBASID REVOLUTION. As described in the auction catalog: Anonymous, 744-751, AR dirham (2.62g), Mahayy, AH128, A-206.1, Klat-—, struck by partisans of ‘Abd Allah b. Mu’awiya, some minor adhesions, predominantly on the reverse, VF, RRRR. Unpublished and presumed unique. Klat listed only the year AH129 for the revolution issues of Mahayy, but did list for Mah also dated 128 (Klat-566), but not for Mahayy.”. Bidding opens at a great value of $4750.

Lot 1017 is one of the highlights on January 20th and is an important Iranian coin from the early part of the 20th Century. The auction catalog explains in detail: “Ahmad Shah, 1909-1925, AV 5 toman (14.31g), AH1334, KM-1038, Rabino-83, Iranian lion & sun in wreath // name & titles of the Shah within wreath, some weakness in center (as on the gold specimen illustrated by Rabino), surface hairlines, 1 small scratch at top of reverse, AU, RRRR. CoinArchives records no example in gold, and just one silver trial strike that sold at Sincona Auction 33, Lot 2810 (October 2016) for $4430. According to KM, the “4” in the date was recut over “2” over “1”.’ This high demand coin will be opening for $12000 and is a must by for collectors of coins from this region of the world.

An incredible find from Delhi is up for grabs during the January 21st session. At Lot 1996 Stephen Album provides the opportunity for this stunning historical coin. It is detailed in the catalog as follows:’ Sikandar Shah, 1488-1517, AV tanka (11.29g), AH919, G-D700, without mint name (as always), lustrous mint state example of a very rare type! UNC, RRR. A much inferior specimen, without full date, sold in September 2007 at Baldwin’s Auction 53, Lot 1614, for £7100 (then about $14,350), the only example recorded on CoinArchives. This piece is infinitely superior!’ This piece opens for bidding at $20000 and is difficult to find at auction; this is a rare opportunity to get a coin like this on the auction block.

The catalog is organized by categories for easy browsing and bidding. All lots are available in the online catalog with full descriptions and photos. The breakdown is as follows:

Ancient Coins
Lots 1-5 Celtic
Lots 6-24 Greek
Lots 25-33 Near East
Lots 34-35 Africa
Lots 36-50 Roman
Lots 51-71 Byzantine
Lots 72-82 Central Asia

Islamic Coins
Lots 83-129 Early Pre-Reform
Lots 130-384 Early Post-Reform
Lots 385-430 Spain & North Africa
Lots 431-595 Egypt & Syria
Lots 596-615 Arabian Peninsula
Lots 616-647 Rum (Anatolia)
Lots 648-717 Ottoman Empire
Lots 718-742 Iran – The Early Period
Lots 743-747 Iran – The Seljuq Period
Lots 748-773 Atabegs & Contemporaries
Lots 774-783 Mongol Dynasties
Lots 784-787 Timurid & Contemporaries
Lots 788-806 Shahs of Iran
Lots 807-809 Central Asia
Lots 810-815 Afghan Dynasties
Lots 816-816 Civic Copper
Lots 817-817 Amulets
Lots 818-824 Islamic Group Lots

Lots 825-827 Ancient China
Lots 828-852 Early Imperial China
Lots 853-870 Group Lots
Lots 871-873 Later Imperial China
Lots 874-907 Chinese Provincial
Lots 908-910 Japanese Puppet States
Lots 911-913 The Soviet Period
Lots 914-922 People’s Republic
Lots 923-934 Foreign Colonies in China
Lots 935-956 Tibet

World Coins
Lots 957-1165 Asia & Middle-East
Lots 1166-1233 Africa
Lots 1234-1628 Europe
Lots 1629-1894 The Americas
Lots 1895-1905 Australia and the Pacific
Lots 1906-1920 Worldwide Group Lots

Lots 1921-1956 Ancient India
Lots 1957-1986 Medieval India
Lots 1987-1999 Sultanates
Lots 2000-2045 Mughal Empire
Lots 2046-2365 Princely States
Lots 2366-2453 British India
Lots 2454-2454 Dutch India
Lots 2455-2455 Portuguese India
Lots 2456-2458 Republic of India
Lots 2459-2463 India Group Lots

Numismatic Literature
Lots 2464-2692 Numismatic Literature (A-Z)

Registrations are open now, and full photos and descriptions are available for browsing anytime throughout the auction. Stephen Album is available to answer all questions through email or telephone. Bidders can due all their research before the sale and get the pieces they want for a great price.

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