Sept. 21 auction to offer beautiful and historic Native American works

If you want an opportunity to bid on some of the finest American Indian art and antiques on the continent, you'll have to sign up early for the Sept. 21 auction to be held at Helm Auction in El Cajon, Calif., and online at Featuring rare and ancient items, this auction will provide collectors with more than 200 Native American works of art, jewelry, collectibles and historically significant pieces.

Ancient relics
Among the most significant and contentious issues in North American history has long been who the original settlers were, when they came to the continent, how they got here and why they made the journey. So-called Clovis artifacts, named after the New Mexico town near where they were first discovered in the 1920s and 30s, and dating back more than 13,000 years, have long been central to that debate, and for many years were thought to be the first examples of early settler hunting technology.

Because of their important place in ancient North American history, Clovis artifacts are very rare to find on the open market, often being hoarded by museums and universities. But now, with the upcoming American Indian art auction at Helm, collectors and curiosity seekers alike will have the chance to lay their hands on a documented Clovis point arrowhead.

The societies that are associated with Clovis arrowheads died out relatively quickly, but they were replaced with several other, more localized tribes. Among those was a group that is believed to have lived in the south plains area of the United States approximately 10,000 years ago.

Again referred to by where their hunting tools were found, the Plainview tribes (artifacts were first found near Plainview, Texas) produced some of the most beautiful and effective spear and arrowheads of the pre-Columbian era. An exquisite example of one of those spearheads, accompanied by documentation and accompanied by a Buffalo Head nickel, will also be part of the inventory at Helm.

Fine art
Pieces with deep historical resonance only make up part of the auction. Native American art lovers will have more than their share to choose from, whether they are interested in pottery, rugs, blankets, weavings or sculptures. And the many specimens available aren't solely of American provenance.

Along with Navajo, Sioux and even ancient Anasazi works, there is a jadeite Olmec mask from Mexico and Mayan pottery from Central America. No matter your taste in native antiques and collectibles, there will be an item that fits your fancy when this auction kicks off in less than two weeks.

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