Souvenirs of Disneyland Up For Auction by Van Eaton Galleries on November 19th

Collectors of all things Disney must circle their calendars for November 19th, 2016. will be hosting online bidding for Van Eaton Galleries and their exceptional collection of Disneyland souvenirs that will be hitting the auction block. A staggering number of pieces, over 1100, will have everything possibly imagined to offer at auction. This catalog contains some of the most unique artifacts and souvenirs every put together for auction. Included are souvenirs, props, costumes, artwork, and other amazing collectibles from virtually every land and attraction at Disneyland over the last 60 years. Bidding is currently open for absentee bidding with easy and fast registration. The live auction launches on Saturday the 19th at 10AM Pacific Time.

The number of significant and unique highlights is staggering, and bidders can browse the entire catalog online including full descriptions and detailed photos. An opening rarity is at Lot 9. This is a pocket knife celebrating opening day of July 17th, 1955. This was created in the 1970s and is in good condition. It measures 3.25 inches by .75” and is a unique one of a kind collectible. This is a great value piece to start off the sale opening at only $80.

An incredible one of a kind model of Disneyland is available for bidding at Lot 146. This is a highly valuable and special creation created by renowned miniaturist Robert Olszewski. This brilliant piece is opening for $15000 and will be in high demand for serious collectors. Van Eaton has provided a full description as follows: “Renowned miniaturist Robert Olszewski created a series of highly detailed “Z Scale” 1/220th replicas of the buildings on Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A. between 2002 and 2012. Although sold individually, a platform was made that would allow collectors to take the buildings off their bases and replicate the entirety of Main Street, complete with miniature train. Very few of these complete platforms and sets were sold, and even fewer were completed. However, this particular model got into the hands of collector Kevin Doherty, who completed the set and began creating modifications to make the model even more detailed and historically accurate. Doherty added an additional train, both of which stop at the Main Street station, a front gate, additional Monorail lighted track with 2 Monorails, additional figures, backdrops, landscaping, and he enhanced the lighting in the buildings. Doherty also adjusted the lampposts so that they twinkle as if gas-lit, built and added the Grand Canyon Diorama and Primeval World attraction, added the Main Street Electrical Parade in the backlot that lights in over 80 different ways , installed and lighted the Monsanto “Home of the Future”, and constructed and powered a track underneath the platform so that the vehicles on Main Street move up and down the street. Doherty also custom built and added many backstage signs and elements such as vehicles from the PeopleMover, Indiana Jones, Matterhorn, Dumbo, Teacups and other attractions. The base itself was modified with custom plaques and buttons for the lighting, trains, Main Street vehicles and custom “Sounds of Main Street” including Main Street Music, Walt explaining Main Street, Jack Wagner’s Train, Gate entrance, Main Street Electrical Parade announcements, and more. This truly one-of-a-kind model measures 72″x35″ and comes with a custom plexiglass cover. A piece that can only be appreciated in person, it is an incredible homage to the park by an incredible collector.”

The most valuable piece in the entire auction is a rare and highly sought after Audio-Animatronic Doll from the attraction “It’s a Small World”. This is opening for $70,000 and it could set records as it is an incredible find by the auctioneer. There is an array of photos to view online. As described by Van Eaton Galleries: “Perhaps the most famous attraction throughout the world, “It’s A Small World” is featured at all of the Walt Disney Company’s parks, with the exception of Shanghai Disneyland. This is an original audio-animatronic Scandinavian dancer figure from Disneyland’s “It’s A Small World” attraction. The figure, an example of the second generation of “It’s A Small World” figures first introduced at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, performed for years in the attraction’s finale scene. This is the first time an entirely complete audio-animatronic figure has ever been offered. The figure retains its original Alice Davis-designed costume from the attraction, along with its vinyl mask and hands. The interior audio-animatronic frame is complete including its blinking eye mechanism and reactive kicking leg. The leg would bounce as the figure was moved on a rotating turntable. Doll measures approximately 39” tall from base to hat. Presented in fine attraction-used condition.”

The entire catalog can be browsed online at anytime through to see all the photos, descriptions, and estimates. The auction will commence live at 10AM Pacific time with a live broadcast, and anyone not able to bid live is encouraged to leave their best bids in the system at anytime before auction day. Van Eaton Galleries are the greatest auctioneer of Disneyland memorabilia in the world, and this auction continues to raise their reputation and prestige in the industry. Any questions can be answered by them through email or telephone and their expertise will guide all collectors to finding their treasures.

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