Coins commemorating Alexander the Great will be up for sale this week.

Historic currency up for bid

Calling all currency connoisseurs! Geoffrey Bell Auctions will be in charge of administering the 2014 Spring Toronto Coin Expo, taking place on May 29 and featuring an extensive array of some of the rarest and most sought-after coins in the world. The exotic specie up for sale include coins that are thousands of years old – dating back to ancient Greek periods – that will surely capture the interest of those looking to purchase a piece of history. There are plenty of renowned Roman rulers featured on the coins up for sale, and if you cannot make it to the live bidding in Toronto, iCollector will help you keep up with all the action at this event as well as many other exclusive coin auctions.

Mark Antony 44-30 BC – Lot of Two (Lot #24)
One of the vital figures who helped shape the Roman empire and an iconic name frequently portrayed in modern popular culture, Mark Antony has a legacy that speaks for itself. Now is your chance to bid on two separate pieces that commemorate his honor. Featuring engravings that date all the way back to between 44 and 33 BC, these incredibly preserved coins will help any collector celebrate this priceless ode to one of the most famous generals and politicians in world history.  

Macedon, Alexander III (The Great) 336-323 BC (Lot #12)
A relentless leader and merciless conqueror, Alexander the Great is an icon whose name will forever remained etched in the history books. Bidders will relish this opportunity to add a coin to their collection that circulated during the ruler's reign, with origins going all the way back to some time between 336 and 323 BC. The coin displays the head of Hercules and is a must-own collector's item for any passionate currency hobbyist.

Macedon, Philip II 359-336 BC (Lot #11)
The former king of Macedon and father of Alexander the Great, Philip II ruled the Greek kingdom with an iron fist and is credited with the origins of the phrase, "Divide and conquer." This commemorative coin is estimated to be from 359 to 336 BC and features an engraving of the head of Zeus with a young Philip II riding a horse on the back. This can be another quality addition for any amateur coin accumulator or established collector looking to increase some credibility to their compilation.