Coins, jewelry and collectibles highlight year-end auction

What better way to close out 2013 than with a valuable coins, jewelry and collectibles auction? It provides bidders with a chance to pick up a belated Christmas present for that special someone, or enhance their already generous set of gifts.

For those who are looking for that ideal gift, or who just want to build on their personal stock of collector's coins, the Year-End Coin & Collectibles sale at OK Auctions in Sarasota, Fla., which will take place on Dec. 29, is the perfect opportunity. And with an accompanying online auction taking place simultaneously on, interested parties who can't make it down to the Sunshine State will still have their chance to bring home some of these remarkable items.

Coin auction
Some of the rarest coins in American history will be on the block Dec. 29. Whether it's gold coins from the 19th century, state-affiliated coins from the 20th or classic commemorative pieces, numismatists around the world will have their choice of fabulous tokens to take home.

One of the more intriguing lots is a bag of 250 Andrew Jackson dollar coins that were minted in 2008 (lot #1ac). Considering that there were relatively few of these coins minted in the first place, one lucky bidder could essentially corner the market on them in one fell swoop.

A $1 gold coin from 1852 (lot #866) is among the oldest lots on the block, but it is joined by other, similar examples from that same era, including ones from 1853 (lot #867), 54 (lot #950) and 55 (lot #951).

Jewelry auction
There will be plenty of valuables other than coins on display at OK Auctions on Dec. 29, with jewelry being chief among that selection. A pair of gorgeous 10-karat diamond hoop earrings (lot #802) would make an excellent Christmas gift. And for those with an especially discerning eye, there is a pearl necklace and bracelet set (lot #1177) that would make a handsome adornment in both casual and formal settings.

Collectibles auction
One of the most interesting lots is a set of vintage flatware. A 152-piece set of forks, knives, spoons and serving utensils, along with an antique box to hold them (lot #595), that were made in Thailand will be on the block. Anyone with a passion for Asian craftsmanship should take a close look at this collection, as it is both rare and beautiful.

Those who are interested in these items, or who want to take a look at the 300 other lots that will be available on Dec. 29, should head over to now to start looking through the inventory.

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