Screen Used Hero Chucky doll

Bring Chucky home with you at the next Hollywood prop auction

PROPDOMAIN is hosting its 18th auction of collectible Hollywood memorabilia on April 12 in Granada Hills, Calif. Don't miss your chance to bid on props used in feature films like "Hellboy," "The Fantastic Four," "X Men" and "300."  Bring home a piece of Hollywood to start a new collection or be your crown jewel. iCollector offers all the items right at your fingertips at its online auctions. Browse for any item you can dream up, all in one place.

He's back
Fans of the campy horror movies featuring an evil redheaded doll named Chucky will be thrilled to find a selection of dolls used in several of the films. A reassembled static Screen Used Hero Chucky doll (Lot #88) will be offered at this auction. It has an animatronic head with acrylic eyes and teeth, body and legs from "Bride of Chucky."  Its arms, hands and wardrobe are from the film "Seed of Chucky". The animatronics in the head have been removed. The figure was reassembled by the current owner, creating a one-of-a-kind collectible piece!

He brought his bride
Chucky's blonde bride (Lot# 89) is also up for auction, and she too is comprised of the head, wig, panty hose and body from "Bride of Chucky", reassembled by the current owner. The white wedding dress, authentic leather jacket, boots and silicone hands are from "Seed of Chucky". The animatronics in this puppet have also been removed. This puppet will be a fantastic find for any horror movie fan.

Super Bowl Chucky
Take home a fantastic collectible from the 2014 Super Bowl Radio Shack commercial "The 80s Called and They Want Their Store Back." Good Guy Chucky (Lot # 105) is a one-of-a-kind item with a sideshow body, screen-used hands from the film "Curse of Chucky" and a unique silicone head. This collectible piece does not come with the wardrobe, so you can dress him up in any style to match your collection!

Nearly 300 items make up this memorabilia auction that is featured on iCollector, including props that are perfect for fans of sci-fi, horror and comedy. From costume pieces to silicone busts and body parts, you are sure to find something that amazes you. Many of these collectibles were used on screen. No matter your budget, you can take part in the action at the next PROPDOMAIN auction!