Fine Autographs and Artifacts Auction on Display until August 10th from RR Auction is presenting online viewing of the August 10th, 2016 Auction from RR Auction. This auction catalog has over 840 lots available for viewing with an incredible array of autographs and artifacts available for bidding through the auctioneer. Among the highlights of this month’s sale are a document signed by Columbus sponsors Ferdinand and Isabella, an autograph letter signed by Thomas Jefferson, an original Force print of the Declaration of Independence, and a signed handwritten letter by Lord of the Rings author J. R. R. Tolkien. Artifacts offered include Ernest Hemingway’s baseball cap and a Beretta Carcano M1891 Cavalry Carbine commissioned by Prince Amadeo of Savoy.. RR Auctions is a globally recognized and trusted source for rare documents, manuscripts, autographs, and historic artifacts. They have achieved countless record setting prices in over 400 successful sales and have an international reputation through both media and private collectors.

Lot 112 is where to find the Declaration of Independence Force Print. This incredible piece of history is valued at approximately $20,000. As described in fine detail: “Striking rice paper engraving of the Declaration of Independence, 25.5 x 29, printed by Peter Force in 1848 for inclusion in his series American Archives, beginning, “In Congress, July 4, 1776. The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America.” Removably encapsulated in acid-free mylar. In very good to fine condition, with professional reinforcements along folds on the reverse. By 1820, the original Declaration of Independence had seriously deteriorated due to inappropriate handling and storage, creating an immediate need for a facsimile reproduction. Commissioned by John Quincy Adams, William J. Stone engraved a copperplate by lifting ink directly from the original and creating a perfect copy. He printed 201 before placing the plate in storage for safekeeping.

Twenty years later, in 1843, Peter Force was commissioned by Congress to print a series of books—now known as the American Archives—featuring the founding documents of the United States. For the occasion, the Stone engraving was removed from storage and used to produce new copies on rice paper, distinguished from the original by an engraving in the lower left corner “W.J. Stone S.C. Washn.” Printed in 1848, each copy was folded into the first volume of the fifth series of books. After printing, the plate was again retired, now residing with the original Declaration at the National Archives. Congress authorized the printing of 1500 copies of American Archives, but subscriptions for the elaborate edition were disappointing, and in the end many fewer copies—perhaps only 500—were issued. Most were folded and bound into Volume I, Series Five.”

The incredible document from Ferdinand and Isabella is up on the auction block at Lot 165. Valued in the range of $15,000 to $20,000, this royal decree issued and signed by the King and Queen. RR Auctions full description of this is as follows: “Spanish monarchs best known as the sponsors and patrons of Christopher Columbus. Rare DS in Spanish, signed “Yo el Rey” and “Yo la Reyna,” three pages on two adjoining sheets, 8.75 x 12.25, March 28, 1494. Untranslated royal decree issued in Medina del Campo confirming privileges granted to a citizen in Toledo, signed at the conclusion by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The embossed paper seal below the signatures remains fully intact. Bound within old vellum wrappers with a Spanish identification on the front. In very good to fine condition, with light edge staining and overall expected wear commensurate with the age of the document.

Nearly two years after sponsoring Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the Indies, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella signed the Treaty of Tordesillas on July 2, 1494, just a few months after the present document. The accord divided the newly discovered lands outside of Europe between Portugal and the Crown of Castile, granting exclusive rights to all newly discovered and undiscovered lands with a line of demarcation that promised that lands to the east would belong to Portugal, and the lands to the west to Castile. A highly unusual format signed by two of history’s most influential monarchs.”

The full catalog is showing on up until August 10th, 2016. Interested bidders can contact the auctioneer through the website to discuss being part of the auction and placing bids. RR Auction carefully prepared this incredible catalog and look forward to sharing these treasures with collectors and historians around the world.

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