EGIPTO. Arsinoe II. Acuñada bajo Ptolomeo II. Alejandría

Bids Now Being Accepted For Ancient, Spanish, And World Coins On is hosting the online catalog for one of Spain’s most prestigious auctioneers of rare and collectible coins from ancient times, Spain, and the world. Auctioneer Jesus Vico SA is hosting their 140th auction live from Madrid, Spain, with over 1500 outstanding lots to choose from. The online catalog is up for full viewing on and spread into three sessions. Bidders can sign up through a secure registration and leave their maximum bids any time. The bidding will be closed one day before the live sale, and the auctioneer will facilitate the bids on behalf of during their live auction on November 5th, 2014.

Taking a look at this auction will find many outstanding pieces. There is an Ancient coin to start off the first session at Lot 22 in the online catalog. This is entitled “Olosortin” and is of Greek origin. The opening bid is a competitive 1500 Euros and will fetch an excellent selling price. Bids are already being left in the online platform for this wonderful coin. Bidders should take a look at the full Spanish language description and photos on

The second portion of the auction is for mail bidders. They will be combined with the absentee bidders from to form this series of auction pieces. One standout from this section is a coin from the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great. He was the eastern Roman emperor from 527 to 565 and was noted for his passion for reviving and reconquering the lost western half of the historical Roman Empire. This beautiful coin is a great value piece for collectors with an opening bid of 225 Euros.

The third area of this auction is an interesting collection of antiquities. This will also be a collection of mail bids and bids and has been generating a lot of interest. The online catalog has a very interesting Mayan piece showing at Lot 2139. This is a ceramic piece that is shaped like a jug or a vase, and was made circa 550-750 during some of the best cultural periods in their history.

In addition to these three standouts, there are hundreds of lots of beautiful Spanish coins, Ancient coins, and coins from around the world. The antiquities portion of the sale has wonderful ceramics, pottery, and handmade artifacts. Bidders can be part of this auction and add to their collections in a very simple and secure website via Registration can be done using an email address, Facebook account, or Google Plus account. Bidders can search the catalog with full Spanish language descriptions and excellent photos only at