You won’t want to miss these examples of exquisite American Indian art

More than 150 Native American antiques and collectibles are set to go up for auction Sunday, Oct. 20, in Carson City, Nev.

Pangaea will play host to the live auction while simultaneously provides those at home with the opportunity to bid on their favorite items of American Indian art, jewelry, artifacts and various other pieces of Western Americana over the Internet.

Collectors of American Indian art and artifacts will have to stop and take a closer look at some of the pieces in this auction. Many of them look like they are straight out of some of the finest museums in the country. A polychrome pottery olla from the 18th century (lot #22), for example, will leave you gasping in awe at its intricate craftsmanship and muted use of color.

Done in a style that is very popular among Native American artists, the large, black-on-black curved pottery piece by Carmelita Dunlap (lot #20)uses etching and shading techniques to create a vivid designscape that stands out from its ecru setting.

Traveling a little farther south, there are two works available from the brilliant Colombian artist Abiezer Agudelo. "Gran Horizontal En Magia Visual" (lot #140) and "Serea En Especialidad" are stark representations of the style Agudelo has used to become one of the foremost Latin painters of the age. His surreal, modernist mixed media designs are reminiscent of Picasso and Dali, with a little Matisse thrown in for good measure.

Gorgeous pottery and groundbreaking works of art are from all that will be offered come the 20th. There are also numerous pieces of jewelry and artifacts that tell the story of the native peoples of North America.

One of those, an exquisitely carved turtle catlinite stone pipe (lot #93), is an example of the artistic essence of human culture being fused with something as practical and enjoyable as an evening smoke. It will bring both beauty and a sense of history into your home. Another piece used for the same purpose, a two-toned red stone catlinite pipe (lot #137) captures the same fusion in a completely different style.

A lovely antique turquoise and silver necklace (lot #62) is yet another instance of Native American craftsmanship on display in a piece of jewelry that would make most people's heads turn. It would work just as well as a gift for a loved one as a showpiece in your living room or another entertaining area.

Outside the U.S.
While the auction features lots that are primarily from the U.S., there are several items from lands near and far that could pique the interest of collectors.

An ivory mask from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a masterwork of sculpting (lot #41). "Toreando Por Alto," an oil painting by the Peruvian artist Fernando Gallardo (lot #143), will also be up for grabs.

If you're looking for items that you just can't find anywhere, should be your first stop. It offers shoppers and collectors access to treasures that just aren't available anywhere else.

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