A firearms auction featuring western Americana items will take place July 13.

Rare and Classic Firearms to be auctioned off in Arizona

A western Americana auction will occur in Humboldt, Arizona, on July 13, 2014, that will feature a great deal of rare and collector-worthy firearms. Also included in the auction will be a variety of sorts of war memorabilia, Native American jewelry and clothing, rare coins and a great deal of different types of ammunition. And, as usual, one need not be in Arizona to bid on any of the spectacular offerings being put up in this auction. Simply log on to www.iCollector.com in order to ensure that you have the chance to win the next piece for your collection.

Rare U.S. government bonds poster (lot #2)
One of the rarest items up for auction here and an absolute must have for any war memorabilia enthusiast, this lot features a rare poster encouraging the purchase of U.S. government wartime bonds. The poster, from the WWI era, depicts a mother and daughter praying near a bed as a picture of a soldier rests on the wall above them. The upper corners of the image feature biplanes, and the bottom shows the prayer that the two are reciting, which reads: Now I lay me down to sleep/ I pray the Lord my soul to keep/ God bless my brother gone to war/ Across the seas, in France, so far/ Oh, may his fight for liberty/ Save millions more than little me/ From cruel fates or ruthless blast,/ And bring him safely home at last. The item is plastic-wrapped on poster board, and the bidding for it will start at $87.50.

Ruger Mdl Super Blackhawk Cal .44 Mag (lot #13)
This Ruger .44 Magnum Super Blackhawk is a great fit for any firearm enthusiast's collection. Featuring a 7.5-inch barrel and a blued finish, this gun has stood up to the test of time since it was manufactured in 1964. A single-action gun, it has oversized wood grips to accommodate even the largest hands and has an adjustable rear sight as well as a repaired front sight. This gun comes with a leather belt with a holster affixed to it. Showing its age as well as the firearm, the holster would work wonderfully as a display piece or for its intended functionality. The serial number is still clearly visible, making this gun easily authenticatable.

Custom buffalo coat (lot #77)
This custom coat is made of true buffalo hide. Its exterior is covered with immaculate beaded accents and fringed hide on the sleeves. It still has its original tag of sale from the Georgetown Leather Company. A men's size large, it originally sold for $2,500, though the bidding for it here will open at $500. It's in excellent condition and was brought to this auction from the Joe Kiser Collection in Aurora, Colorado.

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