Vintage baseball cards are just a few of the timeless items up for bid this weekend.

Vast array of priceless antiques up for auction

Whether you fancy vintage military weapons, gorgeously cut jewelry or pristine-condition baseball cards, Pioneer Auction Gallery will have you covered this June 1 with a classic antique auction being hosted in Portland, Oregon. The vast range of artifacts that are available for bidding will provoke the interest of any seasoned collector or amateur hobbyist looking for that rare chance to own a timeless piece of history. For those who will not be able to attend the live auction, iCollector will provide a way to get in on all the bidding action so you never miss a chance to purchase a precious bit of treasure.

1968 Topps Roberto Clemente No. 6 Baseball Card (Lot #61)
Here is an opportunity to bid on a vintage sports card of one of the most renowned baseball players of all time. Roberto Clemente was a Hall of Famer with too many awards and trophies to count. This 1968 Topps card is in near-mint condition, with Clemente's printed signature under his picture. Owning the card of one of the premiere players in the history of Major League Baseball will surely boost your collection's credibility.

14 Carat White Gold Black Diamond Ring (Lot #48)
Dazzle your pupils while gazing into the mesmerizing display of the white, gold and black diamonds accumulated on this ring. Consisting of 16 round, full diamonds amounting to a mass of 14 carats, the total weight of the ring is 8.4 grams and will be sure to turn the heads of everyone in a near radius when slipped on a finger.

Confederate States Civil War Army Officers Sword With Scabbard (Lot # 42)
An authentic military weapon dating all the way back to the Civil War, this sword was used by Confederate forces in 1861. With a double-etched steel blade that measures more than 36 inches long and accompanied by a fitted scabbard, the big brass handle and D guard will look great if framed in a living room or showcased in the office.

Vintage Hubley Dick Tracy Cap Gun (Lot #9)
Fans of the famous comic book detective Dick Tracy will want to get their hands on this uncommon piece of memorabilia history. The shiny toy pistol has been kept in good condition over the years and features the name Dick engraved along the side of the gun as well as two bald eagles. Capture the nostalgia of an American comic icon with this throwback collectible.