US and Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Coins & Ephemera from Archives International August 29th

Archives International, in partnership with, have put their August sale with a fantastic array of pieces up for auction to the highest bidder. On Tuesday August 29th, 2017, over 970 Lots will be selling throughout the day. Included are a wide selection of U.S., Chinese, Middle Eastern & Worldwide Banknotes, Scripophily, Coins, and Security Printing Ephemera. Absentee bidding can be made anytime up until auction day, and live bidding will be accepted on auction day.

The auction kicks of at Lot 1, which is one of the top Chinese features of the auction. Up for auction is a 1909 Cancelled Note from the General Bank of Communications. Opening for bidding at $1800 the full details are as follows:

China. Canton issued 1 Dollar, 1909, P-A14c, S/M#C126-1a, PMG graded Choice Uncirculated 63 with comment “spindle hole”. Hand cancelled and rare.

Another standout note from China is on the auction block at Lot 70. This is a 1960 Issue banknote from The Peoples Bank of China. It is a very good buy opening at only $150 and bidding interest is high. Fully described in the catalog as follows:

China, 1 Jiao, P-873, S/M#C284-1, Issued, Red-brown, workers at center, back arms at right, Watermark: Stars, S/N (9-2-6) 0810028, PMG graded Choice Uncirculated 64 EPQ condition. Scarce note.

Archives International presents an incredible banknote at Lot 498 that is the most valuable note of the sale. Up for bidding is a 1908 banknote from the Panama Banking Company. The full details of this remarkable note are:

Panama, lot of 4 Specimen circulating “CD’s”, Includes $10; $20; $50 and $1000 denominations, all are printed in green with counterfoil at left, All with title in middle top all were taken from a New York Bank Note Company sample book and were the only examples found, all are 8 1/2 inches x 3.75 inches, All have counterfoil at left and the $10 and $100 having archival notations on the lower left corner of the note margin with the date “Apr (19)’08” and initials “J.R.”, Payable in U.S. dollars, all with POC’s in signature blocks, they are PMG graded, the $10, Gem Uncirculated 66 EPQ; $20, Choice About Uncirculated 58; $50, Choice Uncirculated 64; and $100, Choice Uncirculated 64. The Certificate was negotiable at any office of the company and would pay 1% interest every 3 months (4%) per year. Once endorsed, it could be cashed by anyone or used as currency. The Panama Banking company was founded in 1868 in Panama and New York by the firm ├▒Merchants Bankers, Messrs. Isaac Brandon & Brothers├«. It was one of the strongest financial institutions in the Republic of Panama. The officers were Isaac Brandon, President and founder, New York; Nathaniel Brandon, Vice President, New York; V. I. Brandon, Treasurer, New York; and P. G. Eastwick, General Manager, Panama. The building of the Panama Canal (1903 to 1914), overseen by President Theodore Roosevelt and achieving the realization of a long term U.S. goal of a trans- isthmian canal, only enhanced the business of the Panama Banking company. The Panama Banking Company had branches in the cities of Panama and Colon at both entrances of the Panama Canal (Balboa and Cristobal, Canal Zone) to do a general banking business and were fully equipped for the transaction of all financial business in the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone. It also had special facilities for the payment of tolls and disbursements for vessels using the Panama Canal.

Robert Swartz and the staff at Archives International and world leading experts in this field. Bidders are encouraged to contact them via email or telephone to get to know the material and ask any questions. All lots are online with photos and full descriptions. Bidding opens on Tuesday August 29th, 2017 at 10:30AM Eastern Time and runs for the entire day.

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