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Sports Memorabilia Auctions

Imagine owning Joe Carter’s home run bat from the ’93 World Series, Wayne Gretzky’s 92nd goal scoring stick, Tiger Wood’s putter, or Muhammad Ali’s gloves from the Rumble in the Jungle. Now, these items may be the Cadillac of sports memorabilia collecting, but there are plenty of items out there that allow you to own a unique piece of sports history.

Collecting sports memorabilia instantly connects you with your favourite athlete, team, venue or even that special game. A passion for sports and a love of collecting are two of the best ingredients to get started. Collecting sports memorabilia can be very exciting and sometimes profitable.

The items you’ll find in a sports memorabilia collection will vary. A collection may include signed trading cards, game-worn equipment, signed jerseys and even seats from long-torn-down venues. Our Toronto sports collectible auction regularly sells memorabilia from the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA and NASCAR.

We live in the digital world and sports memorabilia collectors have many ways of adding to their collection with only a couple clicks of a mouse or even on the go with a swipe of a thumb. Realistically, a credit card with high enough limit is the only tool you need to purchase any imaginable sports memorabilia item. Authentic World Series rings, and autographed game-worn Super Bowl jerseys can all be purchased, but they will come with an inflated price tag.

That’s why it’s important to do your research and think like an investor when it comes to your sports memorabilia purchases. It doesn’t matter how much you love a particular athlete or team, it’s important to never overpay. You should find enjoyment in your sports memorabilia collection, but not at the expense of overpaying. Values on sports memorabilia will go up and down, be sure to sell and purchase at the right time.

The sport memorabilia market is exploding right now. The market is flooded with some really interesting and exciting items, but it’s also full of fakes, forgeries autographs and junk. Look for sports memorabilia sellers that offer Certificates of Authenticity. Also, if an item is ‘too good to be true’ it probably means it is.

Sports memorabilia auctions are an excellent place to purchase exciting memorabilia at a good price. At The Auction Network our Toronto sports memorabilia auctions feature a wide range of items including pieces from the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadians, and lots of other items from Canadian and American professional franchises. We’re also an experienced coin auction company, this means we auction off a lot of rare sports coins and stamps.

Condition is to a sports memorabilia collector is as important as location is to real estate. Typically, items in mint condition will increase in value. The same cannot be said about sports collectibles in rough condition. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you only buy items from sports memorabilia auction websites with real pictures of items. Never purchase a sports collectible without viewing a high-quality image of it first.

Knowledge is power with sports memorabilia collecting. Know what you like and have a strong understanding of your desired item’s market. One the most rewarding experiences you can gain from collecting is researching and learning more about both the items you already own and those on your wish list. There are plenty of excellent resources online and at your local bookstore. Take some time and learn about the various sports memorabilia communities and join some forums and social media networks. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and educate yourself on sports memorabilia collecting. Buying expensive pieces without proper research can be dangerous. Many people come to our sports memorabilia auctions to simply look at our items in person to get a better understanding. Even the most experienced collector will admit to not knowing everything.

It’s important to be price conscious, but not to be price obsessed. Avoid looking for ‘cheap deals’, as a collector you should always expect to pay a fair price for the items you want to add to your collection. Bargains in the sports memorabilia world are usually traps. Instead, establish a budget that you can work within and find items that match. Focus on buying the best quality you can afford.

It’s also important to keep your emotions in check. You might be a huge Michael Jordan fan, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay an inflated price for his autographed Air Jordans. Have passion for your collection, but not at the expense of paying too much money for something you really want. Patience is key in the collecting world and there will be other opportunities to purchase that must-have-item that completes your collection, but at a fair price.

Many collectors learn the hard way, proper storage is an essential part of retaining and growing the value of your collection. Collectors owning signed jerseys, posters or photography will want to have proper display boxes and plenty of wall space. Items such as signed bats, hockey sticks can be safely displayed on a rack. Some collectors prefer to store their items behind lock and key in a safe or away at a bank. Regardless of your storing preferences, it’s important to have proper insurance to protect your investment.

Let’s face it, sports memorabilia collecting is an investment. You’re spending money and you want to make sure you are getting good value. At the end of the day people start collecting sports memorabilia because they want to connect with the athletes and teams they enjoy. Walking the line between being a sports fan and a smart investor is the best way to find sports collectible success.

At the Auction Network, we’re a family of auctioneers. We host at least three weekly Toronto sports memorabilia auctions. Our auctions are live in-studio and streamed online with full video and audio. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for being one of Canada’s most trusted online auctions.

Each of our auctions features a diverse selection of sports collectibles. You can browse our selection of
signed trading cards, autographed jerseys, vintage sports photographs, signed baseballs and pucks and many other auction items by visiting our website at auctionnetwork.ca, or download our all-new app for Apple and Android mobile devices.

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