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Edmonton Signature Auction of Canadian Coins, Gold, Paper Money, and Mint Product on May 14th

Almost 500 Lots are up on the auction block all day on Saturday May 14th, 2016 from South Edmonton Coin and Currency. In this auction bidder will find everything they need such as Canadian coins and paper money, gold pieces, rolls and mint product, a selection of world wide coins, and much more. All pieces are starting at way below value and will line up for great buys for all the winning bidders. Live bidding starts on auction day at 3PM Mountain Time and absentee bidding is available now. Registrations are coming fast and bidders should get theirs in early to avoid the late rush.

Browsing the highlights shows a great buy to kick off the sale. Lot 8 is a 1954 $1000 Canadian note with a modified portrait and AU. This carries the Lawson Bouey signature and is opening for just $1050. It is valued at over $1500 so the opening bid is a very attractive price. This is the only $1000 Canadian banknote in the sale and will go out to the door to the highest bidder. There is a pair of quality images in the online catalog ready for inspection.

A key date 10 cent piece is up for grabs later on at Lot 113. This is a Canadian 10 Cent piece from 1913 with a broad leaf and graded by ICCS at EF40. This is a great buy and is opening for bidding at only $700. The piece is packaged with it’s grading notes and ready to ship. There are several 10 cent pieces in the sale and Lots 111 and 112 just before this one are also highlights. At Lot 111 is an 1893 Round Top OBV 6 graded ICCS VG10 opening for $900, and at Lot 112 is another piece from 1893 that is a Flat Top OBV with an ICCS grading of VF30 opening at only $300. All pieces have photos ready to look at online.

The auction also has some very cool medals passing by the auctioneer’s hammer worth looking at for collectors. Of note, is Lot 218 which is a Brandon Manitoba Dominion Expo Medal which is up for grabs starting at only $40. Another interesting medal is shortly later at Lot 226 which is a 1927 Confederation Medal and this one opens for a great buy of only $50.

The entire auction is up for inspection and browsing on iCollector.com. All items have titles and photos and South Edmonton Coin and Currency is able to answer any and all questions about pieces via email or telephone. The live auction begins at 3PM Mountain Time from Edmonton, Alberta and will be welcoming bidders from around Canada and throughout the world.

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