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Firearms and Military Auction Live From Ontario on November 21st

Landsborough Auctions are presenting via iCollector.com an exciting catalog of firearms and military items to be put on the auction block on Saturday, November 21st, 2015. 480 Lots are up for grabs with a wide range of makers such as Winchester, Ruger, Smith and Wesson, Beretta, and Colt. There are handguns, ammo, rifles, and military collectibles showing throughout the catalog. All items are online with photos and descriptions ready for inspection and are current accepting absentee bids before Saturday.

A highlight rifle of the auction is at Lot 230. Up for auction to the highest bidder is a Beretta 682X Super Trap Shotgun. This rifle is non restricted and is in very good overall condition. It is multi barrel, 12GA x 2 ¾”, 30” barrel with removable chokes. The serial number is H04248B. This rifle comes with a take down case. Bidding is already lively on this item before the sale and it is one of the best rifles of the auction. Lots 8 and 9 also provide bidders with the chance to get a Beretta. The first one is a 950B Handgun that is semi automatic, 6.35mm, and a 60mm barrel. It is in very good condition with serial number E72499. The next lot is another 950B Handgun. This also is semi automatic and is .22 short with 60mm barrel and a serial number of C38086. Also in very good condition. Both handguns are considered prohibited and will sell to the highest bidder.

Another top rifle in the auction is a Ruger Ranch Rifle at Lot 242. This non restricted firearm is a semi automatic with .223 REM and an 18” barrel. The synthetic stock is very good and it has a matte stainless finish with only a couple of scratches. The bore is excellent and it comes with a Bushnell 3-9 x 40 scope. The barrel has been shortened and the serial number is 58048591. Bidding activity on this one is also lively and will be a popular buy from the auction.

Two Winchesters are of high interest at Lots 227 and 229. First up is a Winchester 94AE Rifle with lever auction and 7-30 waters. This non restricted rifle has a 20” barrel and the wood only has a couple of small marks and otherwise is in very good condition. The serial here is 5525326. At Lot 229 is a Winchester RCMP Centennial Rifle that will go for a great price. This is also a non restricted rifle with serial number RCMP3630. This one is new in the box and is lever action with 30-30 Win and a 22” barrel. The cardboard sleeve has tattered ends and the rifle is ready for display.

iCollector.com is the Canadian destination for firearms auctions and Landsborough Auctions is one of the top firearms auctioneers in the country. All items are carefully photographed and described so online inspection is important before making any bids. Registration is open online and US Buyers are welcome, however they should check with the auctioneer as not all firearms can be shipped across the border. Landsborough Auctions is pleased to answer any questions through email or telephone right up and through the auction day.

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