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Antique and Collectibles Auction Online for November 15th

Upcoming on iCollector.com is a fun auction put together by Schmalz Auctions operating out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. On Saturday November 15th, they will have for online bidding almost 450 lots of various antiques and interesting collectibles. This auction was put together from the estate of Bryan and Joyce Armstrong and is filled with a wide range of collectible pieces. There are all sorts of glass pieces, dinnerware, bowls and lamps, bottle and vases, and a selection of furnishings. All items are opening at $10 and will sell to the highest bidder.

There several collectible and antique clocks sprinkled throughout the auction. The first lot in the sale is a beautifully carved wooden clock with Roman numerals. At Lot 82 is a set of three miniature grandfather clocks that will attract a lot of interest. Another clock to keep an eye on is Lot 170 which is a beautiful Gingerbread clock. This is carved out of wood and the numbers on the face are Roman numerals. And, Lot 320 presents a lovely Pequegnat oak clock up for live bidding. All the clocks have a photo available to see in the online catalog.

There are over 80 pieces in the auction that are made of glass or include glass in the item. Lot 9 is a nice selection of different glass jars that are in good condition. The very next lot, Lot 10, is a great looking depression glass parrot plate. There is another interesting piece made from depression glass at Lot 43, which is a Royal lace depression glass cookie jar. Depression glass item are throughout the sale, and another one of interest is a glass water set that can be had at Lot 220. Lots 252a and 252b give bidders the chance to take home one some English banquet lamps. Each lot is the same one which is a double wicked brass lamp with green glass. Take home the pair and bid on both lots.

Bowls also feature prominently in the auction. Lot 16 is a well preserved Medalta mixing bowl which is sturdy and made in yellow. A beautiful Marigold carnival grape and cable bowl is up for grabs and at Lot 90. One of the most interesting bowls is a rare pair of Roseville bowls that can be found at Lot 117. These are sure to get additional bidding interest. And another interesting bowl is a serving bowl with a beautiful sterling silver overlay that can be taken home by the winning bidder on Lot 134.

This auction opens for live bidding at 10AM Central Time on Saturday November 15th, 2015 coming live from the auctioneer. Bidders do not have to wait for auction day, bids can be placed on iCollector.com anytime right up until the live auction. Photos and descriptions are available online for inspection so bidders can find their treasures and get what they want from this auction.

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