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House of Treasures Presents a Selection of Bronzes on August 22nd

iCollector.com is hosting a great selection of bronze pieces from Virginia auctioneer, House of Treasures. Over 40 carefully selected pieces are up for bidding until the auction closes on August 22nd. High bidder takes home their treasure as all start prices will meet reserves. This is a timed auction that accepts bids right up until 11 PM Pacific Time on August the 22nd.

A highlighted piece is a Modern Art Sleeping Female Bronze Sculpture up for bidding at Lot 101003. This bronze is cast in the traditional lost wax casting process and uses a multi step process that insures a quality bronze sculpture. This piece is on a black marble base with wonderful detail and is recast based on the original piece. The size is 8 inches by 12 inches and there are several photos for inspection. Bidding opens at an interesting price of $158 and will sell to the highest bidder.

Lot 101080 sends the auction an Antonia Canova Graces Bronze Sculpture on a marble base; opening for bidding at only $198. This brown patina sculpture was cast using the lost wax method and mounted on a black marble base. There are three personifications of gracefulness depicted with three figures, and the original was sculpted by Antonio Canova in 1814. This exemplifies a common theme in art from this period, which was a revival of mythological themes and classical ideals from Greco-Roman antiquity. The three nude women on the marble base measure 14 by 12 inches.

A great piece of artwork later in the auction is a Lion Bronze Statute on a marble base. This is a sculpture of the king of the animal kingdom, standing proud and creating dust with each mighty paw that he puts down. This brown patina sculpture was cast using the lost wax method and mounted on it’s black marble base. This is recast based on a stunning original piece and is 8 by 12 inches in size. Opening for bidding at only $178 ensures the winning bidder will get a fantastic buy at auction.

House of Treasures are presenting a great series of auctions throughout the month of August. This one is a great highlight and all bronzes have a full array of photos for inspections. With low opening bids and guaranteed sale to the winner, this is certainly the kind of auction that sees a complete sell through. Registration is simple and bid can be places any time up until the closing time at 11PM Pacific Time on August 22nd, 2016. The auctioneer will be happy to answer any questions via email or telephone accessible in the online catalog.

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