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Alaskan and Native American Treasures from Helm Auctions on August 6th

Helm Auction is proud to offer an important collection of pieces on the auction block on Saturday August 6th, 2016. This auction consists of five different collections obtained from long-time collectors in the California area, and brings together 275 lots up for grabs to the highest bidder. This auction contains Native American artifacts such as Navajo weavings, Pre-Columbian artifacts, and other pre-historic items. They have featured an Alaskan Native American grouping of carvings and other fine items, pottery, stone items and more. A recently acquired collection of Native American jewelry from the early 20th century has also been listed. The auction is on August 6, 2016 at 12:15 PM Pacific Time. Preview and attendance to the auction is by appointment only. Please contact either Craig or Diane at Helm Auctions to schedule a viewing. All items are photographed and described for inspection as well in the online catalog.

Included is large group of California and Southwest Baskets with a fantastic Giant Mission Basket at Lot 250. This is Olla, circa 1890’s, and made from Juncas. This basket measures 18 inches by 13 inches and is in museum quality condition. Bidding is opening on this outstanding basket at $6,000 and it is estimated in value up to $20,000. There are also a collection of Mono, Apache, Pima, and Papago baskets. A fantastic value piece early in the sale is a Papago basket at Lot 21 with very nice stitching that is made of yucca and devil’s claw. It is estimated to be from about the 1950’s and is in good condition. All baskets have an array of beautiful photos to inspect online before placing bids.

Some additional highlights include Kiowa Moccasins at Lot 87 that are fantastic and rare. These are made of deerhide, glass beads, and dye. At Lot 267 is a pre civil war Osage Bow and Arrow made of wood, feathers, steel points, and paint. The bow is 46.5” long by approximately 1”, and the arrows are 25 to 28 inches long. This bow and arrow is from a collector in San Diego County and has been in the family for years. Both pieces are beautiful additions to collections and will come with great prices at auction.

The auction also includes some early Hopi and Santo Domingo pieces including an eleven inch Cylinder and a 1920 Head pot with Figures. There is also a signed Maria and Julian Olla. Along with these items, Helm auction is also proud to present a substantial group of Eskimo Prehistoric and early Historic items along with a group of Northwest Coast Art. Check out the axes, prehistoric flint, stone artifacts, Polynesian pestles, projectile points, Pre-Columbian Masks and the early Spanish Cannon included in the online catalog.

Helm Auctions show their auctions live from El Cajon, California. The event will begin for live bidding around 12:15PM Pacific Time on Saturday August 6th, 2016. Absentee bidding is available now and bidders can join the live auction from any internet enabled device. Helm Auctions had dedicated exceptional attention to this auction and will be able to answer any and all questions about individual items. The entire catalog is available today with photos and detailed descriptions ready for browsing.

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