Stephen Album Rare Coins Presents Internet Auction #23 – Oct 30 & Oct 31, 2023.

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Stephen Album has a stunning auction coming up this Fall, with over 1500 lots coming through the auction block. Spread over 2 auction days, the auctioneer is presenting Ancient, Islamic, Indian & Chinese Coins. Both days are live auctions and both kick off at 10:00AM Pacific Time!

Here are some great examples of what you can find at session 1 of the auction:

Lot 16: SELEUKID KINGDOM: Demetrios II Nikator, 2nd reign, 129-125 BC, AR tetradrachm (14.19g), Tyre, SE 183

Lot 63: EASTERN SISTAN: Anonymous, 706-726, AR drachm (3.82g), SK (Sijistan), AH99, VF-EF

Lot 308: VIJAYANAGAR: Davaraja I, 1406-1422, AV pagoda (3.40g), EF

Lot 339: MUGHAL: Akbar I, 1556-1605, AR rupee, Lahore, IE39, NGC AU58

Lot 372: BARODA: Sayaji Rao III, 1875-1938, AR 1/2 rupee, VS1951 (1894), PCGS MS63

Lot 389: JAIPUR: Ram Singh, 1835-1880, AE nazarana paisa, Sawai Jaipur, 1865 year 3, PCGS MS62

Lot 592: QING: Xuan Tong, 1909-1911, AE cash (4.84g), Board of Revenue mint, Peking, EF

Lot 618: CHINA: Republic, AE 10 cash, ND (1912), PCGS MS62 BN

Lot 703: KIANGNAN: Kuang Hsu, 1875-1908, AE 10 cash, CD1908, PCGS MS63 BN

Lot 704: KIANGSI: Kuang Hsu, 1875-1908, AE 10 cash, ND (1902), PCGS MS62 BN

Here are some great examples of what you can find at session 2 of the auction:

Lot 1099: PALESTINE: British Mandate, AR 50 mils, 1933, PCGS MS64

Lot 1177: ANDORRA: 3-coin UNC set

Lot 1196: DENMARK: Christian X, 1912-1947, 2 kroner, 1941, PCGS MS64

Lot 1241: GERMANY: Military Coinage, iron 1 kopek, 1916-A, NGC MS66

Lot 1267: GREAT BRITAIN: George V, 1910-1936, AR shilling, 1911, PCGS Proof 64

Lot 1354: PORTUGAL: Miguel I, 1828-1834, AR 120 réis (6 vinténs), ND (1828-34), PCGS MS62

Lot 1376: SPAIN: Carlos VII, Pretender, 1872-1876, AE 5 centimos, 1875, PCGS MS64 BN

Lot 1458: COLOMBIA: Carlos IV, 1788-1808, AV 8 escudos (26.71g), 1803-NR, VF

Lot 1459: COLOMBIA: Carlos IV, 1788-1808, AV 8 escudos (27.03g), 1804-P, VF-EF

Lot 1488:  UNITED STATES: AE 1/2 cent, 1849, PCGS AU58

With over 1500 lots to view and bid, bidders can enjoy a great selection in this auction.  All items are online with photos and descriptions.  You can call them at 707-539-2120 or email them at

About The Auctioneer

Stephen Album Rare Coins is a numismatic auctioneer and retail company, founded by Stephen Album in 1976. Our firm is widely considered to have some of the top experts in the world for Indian, Islamic, Chinese, and other Asian coinage. In addition, we carry coins from all time periods including ancient coins, European coins, and coins of the Americas. Three major auctions are held each year in January, May, and September. Smaller online auctions are held each month in addition to the larger auctions. We also have items on our website for direct sale and set up at numerous coin conventions around the world.

The company attends many of the world`s major numismatic conventions, including:

  • American Numismatic Association`s World`s Fair of Money
  • Central States Numismatic Association (previously CICF)
  • Coinex London
  • Florida United Numismatists (FUN)
  • Hong Kong Coin Show
  • Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair
  • Long Beach Expo
  • New York International Numismatic Convention
  • NUMISMATA München
  • Shukla Day Coin & Philately Fair in Mumbai
  • Tokyo International Coin Convention
  • US-Mex Convention in Arizona
  • Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expos in Baltimore

Stephen Album began as a full time dealer in numismatics in 1976. The firm grew in 1981 when Norman D. Nicol joined the firm as Stephen’s full time assistant. In 2001 Joseph Lang joined the firm and became a full partner in 2004. The firm has grown considerably since Michael Barry joined the firm in 2008, and in 2010 the company moved to a new much larger office in Santa Rosa, California. The addition of Paul Montz as partner in 2011 broadened the firm’s scope to include more machine struck coins of Europe and Latin America. The years since then have seen steady growth and record-setting prices in the firm’s thrice-yearly auctions.If you are interested in selling or consigning your collection to us, please contact either Steve or Joe at We can offer very competitive terms.